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We listen to tons of music on a everyday basis. Apart from the music we receive on our emails, we also go out there and get that good quality music from artists that are perfecting their craft. We also dearly commit ourselves as principle, not to endorse artists, so any music you see us posting is music we like and is above all good quality music. I have been following Kash for a while and it’s only perfect timing with his new hit Kioo. I Love it when artists keep everyone abreast with the latest slang and incorporate that in their music..

This record goes HARD….


In an era saturated with upstart MCs all vying for the coveted status of ‘next big thing’, the story of Nairobi’s native, KASH (Born, Ken Omanwa) is a refreshing exception to the quick route to fame and success.

Kash has made himself notable through a scholarly approach to the game with his powerful word play, Boss-like delivery, and a confident flow that commands audiences across diverse cultures.

Taking from his favorite artists, a love for powerful lyricism, KASH advanced to writing his own lyrics from the age of 15, soon amassing stacks of notebooks filled with rhymes and observations. Without a D.J or producer to provide a beat, he industriously started creating his own sounds and lyrics while rapping out loud and being caught up in his own musical world, leading to perfecting his current skill.

In 2010, he started his own entertainment outfit, GRINDHAUZ ENTERTAINMENT that he currently works under, and in the same year, recorded and released his first single “Not A Love Song”, acclaimed through the vivid artistic expression of real-life situations in the lyrics and delivery.

KiOO (One Hundred), Performed by KASH, is the first official single off his sophomore Album (The RED Tape) scheduled for release on the 14th of AUGUST 2016…….

”’Kioo” is an urban Kenyan slang’ word meaning ONE HUNDRED. hence the inspiration behind the song.

Watch the video below:

Linex Ft Christian Bella – Hewala


New audio from Linex Ft Christian Bella. Song is called Hewala..

Jimmy Gait – Yesu Ndie Sponsor


This is brand new from Gospel singer Jimmy Gait talking about the “sponsor” lifestyle…

Nowadays, alot of young people are looking for an easy way out to get to a good life, hence quite a bunch of them are looking for Sponsors.
Sponsors in this case are either men or women who have money to give them a good life in exchange of their bodies for pleasure.
Am a strong believer of hard work and process to gain success in life. This song is dedicated to young people who want an easy life and quick success to remind them that Jesus is the real Sponsor who when they come to Him can get all they need, ofcourse through the right ways, and not regret later.
Young people, lets get busy and pursue our dreams with patience, hard work, determination and with time, we shall achieve all our dreams. Most importantly, trusting in God is the ultimate solution to life.

Watch the video below:

Papa Wemba Feat Diamond Platnumz – Chacun Pour Soi (VERY HOTTTTT)

Papa Wemba_Feat Diamond

In April of this year, One of Africa’s most famous musicians and an international style icon, Congolese singer Papa Wemba, died suddenly during a performance age 66. Diamond Platinumz recorded with the late Papa Wemba a few weeks before the iconic singer’s death and Chacun Pour Soi is one of the records they did.


Mr Blue Ft. Ali Kiba – Mboga Saba


New audio from Mr Blue Ft. Ali Kiba titled Mboga Saba

Listen to the song below:

Richie Ree (Dogo Richie) Featuring Calvo Mistari- Yoyoba (Remix )

Richie Ree (Dogo Richie) Featuring Calvo Mistari

Calvo Mistari Teams up with Coast based Artist Richie Ree (Dogo Richie) to remake the number one song in Mombasa, Yoyoba!
Music Producer Dillie is the creative behind the Yoyoba Remix which sees Chakacha fused with hip hop as Calvo Mistari opens up with a crazy eight bars to the song. Richie Ree is a fast rising artist in Kenya and will sure woo the fans with this Remix to Yoyoba.

The video has been produced by Team Mistari.


Watch the video below:

Ben Pol- Moyo Mashine

moyo mashine

The Tanzanian King of RnB and multiple award-winner Ben Pol brings us new love ballad “Moyo Mashine”.

Moyo Mashine means Heart Machine in Swahili and the new track’s lyrics can best be summed up by the expression that “the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of”. In other words it’s always difficult for someone to articulate why they fell in love in the first place.

Although Ben Pol is equally at ease and well known as a singer and as a song writer he partnered on this project with Lollipop who penned the lyrics. The track was produced in Dar es Salaam by Lollipop, Nusder & Kidbway and the video shot in the beautiful desert of South Africa.
In all its simplicity the desert serves as a showcase for the couple’s love and devotion to each other as well as a metaphor for the purity of their feelings. “Moyo Mashine” is part of the soon to be released “Mali” album which Ben Pol proudly named after his recently born son.
“Mali” will mix already released and yet to be released tracks and follows the eponym “Ben Pol” album released in 2014.

Timmy Tdat Feat. Wyre – Haitosi


It’s Friday Peeps….

This is brand new From Pacho’s Timmy featuring reggae and dancehall star Wyre.

The record was produced by Jack Jack on The Beat at Pacho Entertainment and video has been directed by Young Wallace.

Tons of crazy funny line son the record hahah

Ninge ku drop lakini ngata haitosi


King Kaka – Cheza Chini


New audio from King Kaka produced by Rico beats

I just got this record today and did not have the time to sample it as much.

For all the fans of music, here is another one


Bamzigi- Form ni Gani

The African superman Bamzigi is back with new material.

“Form Ni Gani” is a Kenyan electronic Afro pop, hip hop fusion track produced by a young, upcoming & talented producer DTX and Co-produced by Bamzigi

As per his press release

The style of the track is a new direction for Bamzigi. He’s decided to attempt (for the first time in his career) the blending of the Kenyan style known as “kapuka” with his usual Kenyan “Hip Hop” genre together with his most recent musical venture (That he’s been experimenting with since 2009) dubbed “Mizuka”.(Kenyan EDM,Hip hop,Dancehall,R&B,Afro pop fusion)

In this particular project we’ve decided to take it back to our original formula of HIT music making, which was to focus on creating “feel good”, commercial, “club banger’s” that make it easy to move to the beat & dance too, in general kick ass “Party” tracks.
The track was produced by DTX & African Superman (Bamzigi production alter ego) at the 3050 Muzik studios in Nairobi. The project is a typical party track with a catchy hook and an up tempo “Bouncy” “Breakbeat meshed together with a unresistant Afro pop percussion, a heavy yet smooth bass line, along side a sharp addictive electronic synth that’s all bound together by a rhythmic electronic lead instrument (that sounds like an electronic version of a cello) that’s bound to raise the hairs on the back if your neck every time this track pierces through your speakers.

A Kenyan street slang phrase that can be translated in English as “What’s the plan” or a simple “what’s up” or “how you doin”, “Form Ni Gani” is in a nutshell the latest in Kenyan street slang lingo that we cleverly twisted in a fun and creative way in order to make it into the kick ass dance-able, radio friendly jam it is today.

“Form Ni Gani” is produced, written & performed courtesy of 3050 Muzik Group Studios, Nairobi Kenya

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New audio from Linex Ft Christian Bella. Song is called Hewala..

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