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Grandpa Government- Fimbo ya Tatu

I just got this record today and with them releasing the video today simultaneously, it’s only fair I show case it while it’s still hot. When Dan sent me this record I knew what to expect from the track. Here is an excerpt of what I said before about Grandpa records, their sound, music and artists.

They’ve been on the grind by building their fan base by releasing various records and doing various shows and concerts across East Africa. In the process, they’ve also found and perfected their own sound and lane.

Fimbo ya Tatu features Wavinya , KenRazy , Visita , Lil Sliq , Renee , Wyre , Dufla Diligon , Sosuun , Chief Moses , U.B , Sauti Sol and although some of the artists just are on the chorus, them appearing on the video is a big testament to how 254 artists collabo and how they should be rocking together for the future.

Grandpa Records got another hit here

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

Shaa- For You

I’ve always been a fan of Shaa and her music and it’s a good thing, since she’s always releasing those nice, mellow dope records that suit her perfectly.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Shaa, do a quick search on the site for her amazing work. I’m really feeling this record. Enough said!!!!

[Download the track here:]

P Unit Feat Yemi Alade- Different


This is something new from P unit that was released this week.On different they enlist the services of Yemi Alade who is an award-winning Nigerian afro pop/R&B artiste.
I love what P-Unit is doing with the whole collabo thing with various artists across the world.

Different is something new from the Trio, and those feeling it can always take listen to their latest album “Wagenge Hao Tena” if you can get a hold of it. I did a quick search and could not find it on itunes or any other online stores which definitely shows some slacking on their promotional team.

Listen to different below:

[Download the track here:]

The Kansoul feat. Nameless – Moto wa Kuotea Mbali


If you’re the type of individual who loves out of the box records and great collabos, then you’re probably going to press play on this new K Kansoul record that features Nameless.

Moto wa Kuotea Mbali is a record that I can see catching on so quickly. It’s one of those catchy feel good songs. The Kansoul have found the formula to make dope records and they are showing it so well.

Enjoy the song below:

[Download the track here:]

Yamoto Band- Tembo


Yamoto band is a group that is from Tanzania that has been makin strides in the Bongo music scene. It’s a group comprised of four young talented artists and are well known for hits like Ya moto, Nitajuta and Niseme.

I’m not really a fan of artists go from unknown to famous off the strength of a viral hit, and after everything has cleared nothing else comes out from the artists. I’m all about projects and slow progressive growth and Yamoto band is a good example of that. If you love that soulful music that is non -hyped and just good music, you will definitely live Yamoto Band’s music.

Listen to Tembo below:



Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

As an added bonus here is the video to ‘Niseme”

Diamond Platnumz- Maradhi ya Moyo

We got this brand new track this week from our one of our Bongo connects. Diamond is definitely falsifying the “don’t oversaturate” your music in the industry theory. The last few months has seen him releasing countless music and videos and there’s a reason why he’s one of the top artists in East Africa.

Sample this new Diamond material. Enough said

Listn to it below

Nonini feat Didge – Tudunde


Nonini is currently collaborating a lot with Beat ya Keggah a renowned producer based in Boston, US. The string of hits includes the track we are posting here today. It’s nice to hear Didge back in the studio doing his thing, as we’ve always felt he is one of the more talented male vocalist in Kenya.

listen to the track here:


[Download the track here:]

MOG- Madeni ya Sikuti


This is something new from MOG called “Madeni ya Sukuti”. I just got this yesterday and have not really sampled it well for a n honest critique. This is a record for everyone out there to listen too and judge whether it’s a banger or not.

Production on the record was done by Main switch.

Listen to it below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Dj Lenny – Turudi Kwa Culture (Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1)


Creating a noteworthy dope mix is never an easy task. So many djs out there are so talented but fail miserably in making timeless mixes that are listenable from start to finish. Dj’s have to find and keep that fine balance between seamless mixing, dropping exclusives or classics and above all differentiate themselves from everybody else out there and provide mixes that are listenable and appreciated by everyone. Dj Lenny’s Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1 is a dope mix that is timeless and a must listen and favorite for any music lover.

Here is an excerpt on his inspiration for the mix.

One of my favorite shows in Kenya is on Saturday nights, a caller/soc media interactive show called ‘Rasha Rasha’. It’s basically a party set celebrating Rumba & Soukous music .. playing and discussing anything from the late great Franco & Tabu Ley to modern day superstars like Fally Ipupa & Ferre Gola .. while I had already contemplated making a rumba mix, the actual need or the cultural artistic importance of it dawned on me after catching a few episodes. My hope with this mix is that it educates as much as it entertains or brings back nostalgic memories from days when Rumba and Zilizopendwa music were mainstays on dancefloors from the Congo to East Africa .

The idea behind it was to make a mix that has a treasure kind of feel to it, a mix that someone will want to hold on to for years, hopefully, decades to come .. If it’s on a CD to make sure it never got scratched or an mp3 that would be copied and backed up several times to keep it safe .. a piece of art if you will
People don’t realize how important our culture is, how much it has shaped us as a people and for this mixes’ purpose ; the fact that we have to each play our part in celebrating it, documenting it and passing it on or forward to the future generations. . this is only VOL 1 so stay tuned.

This is fire. I loved the approach. Classics from Franco, Super Mazembe, Mbilia Bel, Tabu ley and many more are on the mix. That Bozi Boziana was and still is my jam…. Bump this heavy.

Avril Ft. Ommy Dimpoz – Hello Baby


There’s something to be said for starting your year on a high note and on that aspect Avril starts off the new year by releasing this brand new single called “Hello baby” that features Tanzania’s superstar Ommy Dimpoz.

This is a love song and that screams the always common bedroom ready theme. it’s not a bad record but I it really did nothing for me as I was expecting more from the duo.

Like what you’re hearing? Then keep it locked more fresh singles leading up to Avril’s new album.

Listen to the record below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

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Dj Lenny – Turudi Kwa Culture (Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1)

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