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Mbuvi – Ndukatavye Mundu


I’m in the process of currently compiling the GetMziki October promo only and this record Ndukatavye Mundu by Mbuvi is one of the records that has been getting constant plays on my playlist. I’ve known Mbuvi for a minute now and I’m always amazed at his creativity and ability to create amazing dope records.

From his Youtube page “Ndukatavye Mundu is a song done based on a scriptural teaching done by Jesus found in the book of Matthew 6:1-3. Though scripturally based, it’s a song intended for the society at large since there are certain behavioral changes that a society needs to adopt in order to be progressive.”

Enjoy this amazing record

Watch the video below:

Sanaipei – Rasta Man

Look I like Sanaipei, I used to love her but now I just like her – my feelings had to change a little :-) I guess I had to grow up and get over the infatuation. The point here is I have a general bias for any material she puts out, and especially when she collaborates with my main man Wawesh – then BAM its like magic. Something truly magical happens when Sana gets into the booth with Wesh. The last time the two were in the studio together this magical thing happened – Mfalme Wa Mapenzi

That said the current joint thats a dubstep/reggae/afrosoul/fusion is just too nice – Keep seeing Sanaa am all over this track.

Kansol – Nyongwa


The Kansoul is a group composing of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kora. Given Madtraxx’s and Mejja’s extensive collabos, it’s far from a surprise that the duo have joined forces to for a super group. .Their first offering was with the record “Dabotap” which we featured in the GetMziki August Promo only series

The beat which has elements of Afro beats and dancehall took me by surprise. Nyongwa is different and unexpected, nothing like I’ve heard them do before. I like it.

Listen to the song below:

GINX – Niko Kwa Base


Ginx is a movement/ Youth from Korogocho that are currently working with an organization called Uwezo Awareness that Wawesh founded in 2007. Uwezo works with youth in the slums enabling them via arts and Information technology. Some of the by products of this initiative include this track that I stumbled upon and just had to share. I will share a little more info on Uwezo in future for anyone who wants to get involved or to learn more about the initiative, for now please enjoy this killer joint.

listen and download the track here:

Jux – Sisikii

This is the second time we are featuring Jux in a months time. That speaks volumes on his grind and the quality of music he’s releasing. For people still getting familiar with Jux, here are a few details from his website.

Juma Mussa, a Tanzanian RnB singer that records under the mononym Jux was born in 1989 and grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Jux started doing music in 2005 by the age of 16 doing a rap kind of music.
In 2008 Jux joined Cyril Kamikaze and Nigga Flo, of the group ‘Wakacha”,becoming the vice president of the group. In the end of that year Jux decided to record his first solo track,working with A.M record label, where he got persuaded to change his Rap style of music and turn to RnB. Under producer Manecky, Jux’s first RnB single that goes by the name “Nimedata” was recorded and released that year, which did surprizingly well than he had expected.
Jux has also released a number of hit singles such as “Napata raha”, “Sipati karaha” and “Mwambie yeye” produced by Manecky, “Uzuri wako” and his latest single “Nitasubiri” produced by Bob Manecky, which is doing well in the music charts; both under the A.m record label.
So far, jux has worked with a number of artists such as Kamikaze, Mabeste, Stamina, Vanessa Mdee, M-Rap, Mo Racka and Gosby.

Is Jux the new R & B kid on the block in Tanzania. Only time will tell, but with records such as Sisikii, the Sky’s the limit.

Visita – Mapepo (**GetMziki Exclusive)


In keeping with tradition, we premier this record that was released a few days ago. Grandpa Government has been feeding the streets with good quality street music and their latest record they presents Mapepo, the first ever solo project from the super producer/super rapper Visita.

Dj Ali Takkah perfectly describes this song. NOMA sanaaaaaa!!! am a dj na am so damn happy mixxing this song as ppeole yell with just the introduction….tulifanya harusi jana naleo tushakosana hayo ni …………………. they finish up HAYO NI MAPEPOOOO!!! visita we mkare aisee!!!

This is a banger!!!!!

We have the instrumentals and vocals on our servers for all the djs out there.
Shout out to Dj Dan Mixa for the hooks ups.

Watch the video below:

Rabbit ft Kanana – Kafiri

Rabbit ft Kanana - Kafiri

I got put on this record by one of my Dj friends Mix Master Lenny on twitter with the message “can you say HIT”. It’s one of the few reason why I love social media because it gives you that immediate access to music on every aspect. Kafiri is a prayer to Go and on the record, Rabbit talks about his personal life experiences in which he takes the listener from where he started in school to where he is now.

On the record that features Kanana, Rabbit also offers prayers to various people in his life. The record produced by Kanyeria Video by J Blessing/ Link Global A Kaka Empire is one of those personal inspiration records that we all need.

Definitely a hit…

Listen to the record below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch video below:

Timmy Feat Rap Damu – Well Well

Timmy Feat Rap Damu - Well Well

This is one of the records that was featured on the September 2014 promo only. It’s from Timmy from Kenya and features Rap Damu. I’ve seen some people say it’s ‘Welle Welle” but all I know is that this song goes hard.

Timmy kills it on the first verse

Flow yang Kali WWanadai De Tightest

Listen to the audio below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Yvonne Darcq Feat. Victoria Kimani – Ooh Lala Oui Oui (**GetMziki Exclusive)


Earlier this month I talked about how hard it has become to keep up with the number of new artists and music coming through our servers. This is Yvonne Darcq’s first time gracing our pages and according to her soundcloud page

She was born on January 16th, 1990 in Maridi (South Sudan), Yvonne is one of East Africa’s fastest rising recording artist from Kenya. From her creativity to her diverse fashion to her colourful personality, this young RnB songstress not only has a powerful voice but also has a lot of accomplishments up her sleeves.

Currently signed to Headbangaz, she recruits seasoned Victoria Kimani who provides a fitting guest contribution. Men are definitely going to melt over the cover which borrows heavily from Onika Tanya Maraj. Ooh Lala Oui Oui that I honestly feel felt flat, with no breakout moment.

Listen to the record below:

GetMziki – Promo Only September 2014 Edition


With so many things going on, this September issue of Promo Only comes a few weeks late, but better late than never.

With so many artists and tons of records being released on a weekly basis, it’s sometimes so hard to fully enjoy and digest records. Added with the hundred of records we receive from artists, we started having a monthly showcase of songs that we sifted through to find the cream of the crop that we believe deserve a few spins. The result is a 18-track compilation with a few bonus tracks. We showcase tons of records on a weekly basis and with everyone being busy with their daily lives, we decided to start showcasing records that are exclusive releases, chart setters, songs that will be future hits, present hits and everything else in between. Consider this as a music playlist to keep you abreast on what’s popping especially in the East African music scene.”

Here is the Breaking Records September Edition Playlist

Ali Kiba – Mwana
Bahati – Barua
Calvo Mistari and Amilenna – Get Down and Dance
Christian Bella Ft Ommy Dimpoz – Nani Kama Mama
Elani – Barua Ya dunia
MB Dogg – Umenuna
MOG – Tosheka
Octopizzo Feat MI – Salute Me
S.O.C- Baraka Za Mungu
Susumila_Ft_Chikuzee – Hidaya
Rajayjay & Jontez – Pombe Bangi
Janet Otieno – Heshima
Atemi Oyungu – Sunny Day
Hey Z – Kisogo
Jux- Nitasubiri
Rabbit ft Sudi Boy – Nakuchukia
Timmy – Well Well
Yomoto band – Moto
Wangechi – Play
Barnaba Boy – Barnaba
Bonus: Nameless- Butterfly

Download the zip file HERE

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