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Nay wa Mitego Feat Diamond Platnumz – Mapenzi Au Pesa (*GetMziki Exclusive)


This is new audio from Nay wa Mitego Feat Diamond Platnumz called” Mapenzi Au Pesa” which means “love or Money” in the Swahili language.

This is a straight banger. The finished product matches the overwhelming talent and legacy of duo.


K-Letta- Lemme Know


Nearly three years has passed since we last featured K-Letta on the site with ‘African Girls”. Back then his EP was about to drop but I never hard anything back. His latest official single from his forthcoming EP ‘Back 2 Basics’ was produced by Produced by Nairobi (Rap Damu) for Pacho Entertainment.

Origarmi Boy Presents the brand new single ‘Lemme Know’ by K-Letta. Produced by Naiboi (Rap Damu) for Pacho Entertainment.

Released to Radio on 4th May, 2015…

After a long hiatus, artist, songwriter, entertainment entrepreneur K-Letta returns with a bang! Effortlessly riding this smooth, fresh sounding number he sounds like he’s not missed a step. If this first single is the yardstick then his forthcoming EP ‘Back 2 Basics’ will definitely be worth the wait and an exciting listen.

This is a decent track and a bouncy beat. It’s not ahit record but I can see people vybing to it.

Chikwaza Ft Elani- Nimwabudu


I’ve been going thorough youtube blistering to some dope records from East Africa. I will be showcasing a few the next few days. The firstt ime I heard “Nimwabudu , the song resonated with me. This is From Elani’s you-tube page about the record

We met Chikwaza at Daystar University when he performed a few of his songs for us during a talk we gave at the school. We were blown away by his talent, his commitment to his craft and above all his love for God.

We knew we wanted to see him grow and prosper in his musical journey. His story only solidified our resolve.

Chikwaza means Warrior. And he has truly fought through thick and thin to get to this point. It is our honour to introduce him to you! We hope you are as blessed when you hear him as we were.

Watch the video below:

Jaguar and Sudi Boy – Barua Kwa Rais

This is a record We just received today And it’s brand new off the press. I only listed to it once so my views on the song will come at a later date

For now, it’s only best for people to enjoy this new record

Nameless Mix – DJ KS

Nameless has had an amazing career and sometimes its easy to overlook it until someone does something special like this mix to commemorate his greatness. I didn’t know I was such a nameless fan until I listen to this mix this morning, but I find myself veering off into his old hits as opposed to some of his new new material. Maybe its an age thing.

For what its worth this is really a well blended, well mixed DJ set prepped by DJ KS who will be hosting some event in Aussie this month. The details of the event are on this url : but truly this post is about the celebration of the music on the mix.

Wangechi- Cardiac Arrest


Here is a new record from Wangechi after her tragic accident. From the press release Wangechi took a long time before she got back to writing and recording music until she felt it was time to open up and express herself on a song.Gladly she was ready and she recorded her first song after the unfortunate life event she had last year.Coming back strong and wiser she recorded “cardiac arrest” which she terms as a redemption song,a song she feels like opened up her heart from what she has always wanted to say after the accident.Serving also as a dedication to the friend she lost in the accident they had.

Wangechi can definitely spit and that something music fans know. My own personal opinion is that she’s still trying to find out what style best suits her persona and until then it will be hit or miss type of records from her. Her producer Provoke should have narrowed down everything by now.

Listen to Cardiac arrest

Papa Denis and Daddy Owen – Foundation


I heard about this video way due to it’s high budget. Basically the artist was hyping up the video more than the record. Upcoming artists should avoid the mentality of “Music videos Make songs Hot” and it’s one of the failure many artists fall into. Gospel music legend Daddy Owen teams up with one of the future stars of Gospel music Papa Dennis.


[Download the track here:]

Watch video below:

DJ Kaydee – Lethal Kenyan Hip Hop 1 Mix (Mixtape Fridays)

Kaydee has been featured on the site before with his mixes. When most djs are following each other on the type of mixes, I tend to ONLY listen to specific types of mixes. Here is an excerpt when we featured Kaydee and how he avoid the “group mentality” by having dope mixes that few djs can do.
“The whole Genge/Kapuka and pop mixes has been done – there is an over saturation of so many Similar mixes floating around the internet in one form or the other. So whats going to be your differentiator? I have told the same thing to a couple of out DJs I like out there, I keep telling them its too cloudy out there you need to clear things out by being one of the few DJs who can stand out.”

This Kenyan Hip Hop Mix cleary makes Kaydee stand out. This has been on constant repeat in my car the last few months. A tracklisting is also available for all those die hard fans who love knowing what they are listening too.

1. Vile Si Huaga – Ukoo Flani
2. Ndani ya Kazi – Ukoo Flani
3. Murder Heist – Head Bangerz International
4. Plaque – K. South
5. Mazishi – Ukoo Flani Mau Mau
6. Ki-Dirty – Wachimbaji
7. Red, Black & Green – Kalamashaka Ft. M. 1 (Dead Prez)
8. Ni biashara – Mashifta
9. Tension – Cannibal & Sharamma
10. Constantly – Ukoo Flani
11. Sichimbiki – Kleptomaniacs
12. Mtu Saba – Nonini Mahatma & Jua Cali
13. Moi Avenue – Kalamashaka
14. Dandora burning – Ukoo Flani Mau Mau
15. Mpaka Saa Ngapi – One-Two Umoja
16. Kipe Yeah – Cannibal & Sharamma
17. Sisi – Ukoo Flani ? Kalamashaka
18. Punchlines Kibao – Ibrah, Vigetti & Kalamashaka
19. Mko Wapi – Kali D
20. Shujaa – Necessary Noize
21. High Volume – Vodoo Seller
22. Street Law – Head Bangaz intl

Atemi ft lady Jay Dee – Moyo


Kenyan soul diva Atemi Oyungu and Tanzania’s sultry songstress Lady Jaydee team up on this vocally powerful love song ‘Moyo’.
According to her Reverbnation bio

One of the finest soul artists from East Africa, Atemi Oyungu began singing at the age of 10. She first made her mark in the music scene with the all-girl group, Intu. In 2003 Atemi joined Kenyan sensation, Eric Wanaina, as an assistant vocal harmony provider for his band. Together with Eric and the Mapinduzi band she performed in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar, Festival Mundial in Holland, The North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, Big Brother Africa in South Africa and at the Annual German Ambassadors Conference in Germany. She played a major role in Wainaina’s musical production, Luanda, and later in Kenya’s biggest theatre production yet, Mo Faya. Atemi has been also known as a successful TV host of an all-Africa TV show, Africa Rising.

A mix of neo-soul and Afro-fusion, Atemi’s sound has been described as that of “Miriam Makeba meeting Jill Scott.” She is currently working on her second studio album, to be released later this year.

Moyo was Written by Atemi Oyungu and the Music production and Video directed by Rkay.

Really good music by Atemi. This is smooth all around. This is just good music for all ears.

Watch the video below:

Ben Pol – Sophia


This song is not new but’s it’s been on my music playlist sinc ethe beginning of this year.I thought we had posted it but I guess I was wrong. This is How Tanzanian Ben Pol wants the world to know about him. I’m New age singer/songwriter. Two times Kilimanjaro Awards winner. Has multiple top 10 singles in the country. Well recognized for hit and catchy chorus. Associated with hip hop artists mostly.

Any avid music fan should have his music like like “Sikubali”, “Nikikupata”, “Number One Fan'” “Maneno” and ‘Pete”. Samboria on constant repeat. Sophia is a great record that is BANGER!!!

Listen to the song below:

[Download the track here:]

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