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Cannibal- Mdude

This is new audio from Cannibal. There is no doubt that Cannibal can make hit records, but I feel that sometimes he’s all over the place in terms of production and making his music accessible…

He needs to start pushing his mixtapes on a national platform. Mdude to me sounds like an album filler track…

Listen to it below:

Chris Adwar – Benta


My main connect Dan sent me this record a few weeks ago and I’m now finally posting it. Chris Adwar is a talented musician from Kenya and is part of the Villagers Band.

The first time I heard Benta, I immediately thought of the Katitu Boyz Band hahaha. The song is about searching for a lost lover. Benta is unique, refreshing and yet powerful. Combined with the voice of the group and the instrumentals, it makes for a classic song…

Benta is another testament that the EA region does not have to copy other people’s sounds to make good music…

This record has been getting tons of spins on my playlist…

Willy Paul – Ft Size 8, Kambua & Gloria Muliro – Sijafika

Willy Paul’s lates record ‘Sijafika’ features Gloria Muliro, Kambua and Size 8 who are some of gospel’s biggest artists. Teddy B produced this record that is catchy and all around a good record…

Great collabo….

Watch the video below:

Roma – Viva Roma Viva


This is a brand new record from Tanzanian artist Roma. Artists have a voice when it comes to talking about various political, and social economical issues facing their countries. They act as the vocie for the masses.

on Viva Roma Viva,produced by J-Ryder from Tongwe Records Roma addresses the current political situation in Tanzania with various issues of money embezzlement, corruption and privatization by some of the leaders.

Roma goes hard on the record. Just check out some of the bars below:

Katiba ni sauti ya uma na kuna Uhuru wa kuongea
Ninyi ndio mmenituma, mpo tayari kunitetea?
Wilaya wanaifanya mkoa ili wapange washikaji
Mkuu wa wilaya changudoa, hii ni miradi Ya upigaji
Watasafirisha nyani, sisi tunashangaa twiga
Tutamfunga nani ye mwanasheria mkuu na maswahiba

Listen to the song below:

Eddy Kenzo FT. Okay Funky – Freestyle


The past two years have been marvellous for Eddy Kenzo. His music has crossed borders and he’s being recognized for all his previous work. I love his videos in that they bring out the marvelous dancing and cultures that showcases the amazing and beautiful land. When he sent us this record he also sent us a bio

Edrisah Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo is a Ugandan native whose life story is nothing short of magical. At the tender age of 4, Eddy lost his mother who meant everything to him, he was forced into living as a street kid for more than 13 years because he did not know where his father was. As a homeless child he had to survive on the streets on his own because he did not know anyone from both sides of his family and music was his safe haven.
Eddy Kenzo has gotten three breakthroughs in the music industry, his freshman hit was a song titled ‘Yanimba’ in 2008 in Uganda. Secondly ‘Stamina’ was a mega hit across the East African community and was even used by the President of Uganda for his political campaign, as well as other political parties. Thirdly, ‘Sitya Loss’ is a viral sensation, released in 2014 that introduced Eddy to an International audience that averages 10,000 views per day. This song has garnered millions of views and has been shared by prominent celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Puff Daddy, Akon, Ronaldinho, Tevin Campbell, Sanaa Lathan and so many more worldwide.
Award Recognition List 2014/2015:
IRAWMA International Reggae and World Music Awards 2014 Nominee
Channel O – Best East African Artist Nominee 2014
AFRIMMA Awards – Best Upcoming Artist Nominee 2014
Kunde Awards – Best East African Artist Winner 2014/2015
BET Awards 2015 – Best New International Act Viewers Choice Winner
Nigerian Entertainment awards-African Artist of the year (non Nigerian) Winner
African entertainment Awards (Canada) – New international Act Winner

Freestyle is a song about dancing the stress away, Sweat and get Wet. In this free style song its all about happiness, Dance, Enjoy


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:

Ohzy Feat Crazy K – Boy Wa Mtaa


We round off this unplanned coast posts back to back and I’m feeling all this new music. Like most people, routines are a part of us and one of my routines every day is check my emails for new music from different artists and listen to all that music…

Some of the music is not bad but also not worth getting a spot on the site. I have been bumping to this record ever since I got it. Boy wa Mtaa features Crazy K also from Mombasas and they both go hard with strong rhymes that speak the truth.

Keep listening and you will get the feel and rhymes on the record…

I’m definitely a Boy wa Mtaa

Simind dish chapo ndondo niko pouwa,
sometime nadish kuku chips nikiwa pouwa,

Listen to the song below:

download the track here:

[Download the track here:]

Dee Bouwy ft Coast All Stars – Chap Chap


It’s another record from Mombasa. I’m a firm believer that good music is good music regardless of the country, area zone or county. This record features Mombasa’s Dee Bouwy that kinda reminds me of a mellow Ar B. The first time I get music from artists we have not featured before I do a quick google just to see what pops up , which typically for me is a testament oh how they grind and wnat people out there to view them. Dee Bouwy has that covered in that he has a Goggle+ page with quality pictures and links to his audios and videos. Hapo sawa…

He definitely is on the right path on hustlin music 101. On his page he describes himself as
I’m Daniel wale aka Deebouwy,Was born and raised in bamburi mombasa before moving to Nyali mombasa,I went to shree swaminarayan academy,was a kenyan swimmer back in 01,i love music,ama rapper/c.e.o of militaryswaggteam based in kenya and southafrica,also i own a dj company..I’m 5″9 ,got black eyes,good smile,Good weight,bodybuilt

This record which screams BANGER all over features an who’s whos in the Mombasa scene from Susumila, Kidis Johnny SKani, Amoury Beyby,Rojo Mo Kingsting and Producer Totti

This is Fire!!!!!


Number One Academia – Niko Nawe

I got a link link of someone in Mombasa, Kenya and he’s been sending me tons of coast music. He’s heavy in the streets so the music I’m getting is fresh out of the box and good music.

The Number One Academia group is composed of Kigoto, Masauti, Tizzoh & Sudi Boy and Niko Nawe is one of their first offering…

Production was done by TK2 and this record is one of the straight to music playlist addition

Listen to it below:

[Download the track here:]“>[Download the track here:]“]

Watch the video below:

H_Art The Band – Baby Love


This is a new record from H_Art The Band. I love the simplicity and authenticity of the video which makes the record shine more. They describe it as a nostalgic recount of the days when life was easy and care free #babylove

Awesome record and video

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

Ruby – Na Yule


Ruby is an artist from Tanzania House of Talent (THT), Na Yule is her first single composed by Barnaba, produced by Tudd Thomas of Epic Records. We’ve featured Ruby with her amazing collabo with Barakah Da Prince Nivumilie

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:

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