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Bubbah – Dangerlass


Once in a while, a record is sent to us that just speaks dopeness, catchy and above all great quality music. Bubbah is a Kenyan artist and from what I can gather, is one of the new kids on the block. His new “Dangerlass’ produced by Cedo is what Kenyan music should strive to achieve especially of artists wanna establish a diaspora fanbase.

A youtube fan accurately summarizes what I felt about the record.

I like it, I like the tribal humour in the flow. Never heard a guy flow in kao this good. Hit…

Dangerlass is a record that will definitely be a hit….

Watch the video below:

GetMziki Bin It Or Spin It

We started this feature a few years ago called BIN IT OR SPIN IT since we have been getting tons of tracks lately and there is really no great way than to have the people vote on the songs that they want featured. On our first feature we said, “essentially if you like something, please put your comments on the bottom of the post to SPIN IT and if you don’t like it let us know to BIN IT”

Overtime we will tally up the votes based on what’s being requested to be SPUN, and we will post that track, the download link with the bio and the image of the artist. That simple.

***On a side note, we really can tell when people vote using the same IP address and although artists fans and foot soldiers out there mean good, we will only tally comments from an artist that only represent different IP address****

Amilenna- Hambole (KE)

Jennifer- Messen Selekta(TZ)

Wini Nkinda – Taba (KE)

Mama Lao Feat Kidis – Tusahau (KE)

Kenty-M.O.G-Mr.-Vee-Subira (KE)

Pewa Abagenge feat Kidis – Nilimuona Bongo (Remix)

we first featured Pewa Abagenge a few years ago with “Bandia” and “Nipenzi Kura Zangu”. First fowrd to the urrent year and he releases the visuals and remix for Nilimuona Bongo that features Coast based artist Kidis.

This is a very decent song that will find some spins in my music playlist.

Listebn to the song below:

Watch the video below:

Rabbit Feat Rich Mavoko- Lini

Rabbit’s album “King of Kaka” has been out for a few months now and he’s been slowly releasing some singles from the album. If you haven’t bought the album or listened to it, you can do so here. The album should be in any music fans playlist. One of my favorite records on the album include Najipena Feat Joh Makini and 2060 ft Abass & Chiwawa. According to Rabbit

The Legend of Kaka is King Kaka’s fourth album and one of his most revealing albums yet. King Kaka lets his fans into his life through his music and fans get to see a different side of him. True fans of his work will notice subtle changes in his sound. No, he has not stopped doing poetry and those hard hitting lines that make you do a double take. In fact he has taken his game a notch higher and brought you, the listener a refreshing new look at hip hop. Scratch that, he has made history, revolutionized it. The Legend of Kaka includes an eclectic mix of collaborations with of East African music Royalty that includes Wyre, Abaas, Rich Mavoko and Shaa of Tanzania, and rising stars like Amos & Josh, finalists from last Season of Project Fame.

On this new record, Rabbit goes on the collabo route with Tanzanian Rich Mavoko. This song goes hard…..
Dope collabo

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Kitu Sewer Feat Saint Evo the Myth and Kali D – Ring Alarm


Kitu Sewer has been called the Godfather of Kenyan Hip-Hop with such classics as Pesa Pombe, Wanasiasa, System ya Majambazi and many more. You really know you have fans out there when even top acclaimed rappers say you are the best lyricist. I was recently watching one video where Kalamashaka said that Kitu Sewer was one of the best lyricists in Kenya.

On this latest offering, Kitu Sewer jumps on a Dub-Hop type of beat. Dub-Hop is a music genre combining Dubstep and Hip-Hop and was pioneered in the West Coast and UK. The end result is a record that excels in walking a fine line and being a tremendous listen. I’m really impressed how Kitu Sewer, Saint Evo the Myth and Kali Dare now breaking the “genre” barriers and are simply crafting the music that they want to create. Music fans out there who wanna know the producers and mastering on the record

Lyrics by: Kitu Sewer & Kali D
Produced & Conducted by: Evo aka Saint Evo
Managed by: Jacob Ngunyi
Mastered @ Celsius Degree Ent.

Listen to the record below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Kalamashaka Interview Below:

Shida Mbili – Sexual Fever (****GetMziki 3 Piece Exclusive Download Friday)


We gave you the three piece (Song, Instrumental and vocals) to “Shida” mbili a few weeks ago and as per our promise we are giving djs/producers/fans out there everything with this new record by the supergroup in town Shida mbili comprising of Ken Razy and Visita. Let me talk a little bit about Vsita aka V6. He started off as an artist with I believe Jomino and ventured into music production to a music engineer and back to doing music. Bottom line, he knows his music, what sounds to go for and with his experience, you can tell Grandpa records are a notch higher in terms of everything. Enjoy this 3 piece everyone…

[Download the track here:]



Susumila Feat Sarkozy – Ihale


This is some new record from Coast based star Susumila. He became a household name across the country from his breakout hit “Hidaya”, but for coat and Susumila fans, he has tons of hit records that were not necessarily crossover hits but were great records.

The coast music scene is bubbling and if anybody tells you different then they are lying to you. If anything I sent some dj friend of mine some records from coast based artists and they were amazed at the quality of work. In the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of them on the site.

For now enjoy “Ihale”. I was bumping to this heavy….

Click HERE to Download the track “Ihale” (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Some behind the scenes of their video shoot

Susumila Feat Sarkozy - Ihale_Behind_2

Watch the video Below:

Kcee ft. Diamond Platnumz – Love Boat (GetMziki Exclusive)


This song isfresh off the press and was released today. Kcee popularly known as the The Limpopo King just released this new joint called “Love Boat” that features the talented Diamond Platnumz and produced by Del B.

Is there stopping diamond. He’s everywhere and seems to be getting bigger and bigger by working with various artists from various parts of Africa.

Ladies are definitely going to enjoy this collabo

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Kelele Takatifu – Ngori

ngori kelele takatifu

I was sent the video of this song by my good pal Dan Mixa. I’d heard about the group before but honestly never really looked at the body of work they have. According to their Facebook page Kelele Takatifu is a gospel rap duo comprising of moji shortbabaa and didi.They simply make holy noise for the glory of christ jesus.

The duo has the persona, voices and are doing everything right in terms of solid production and creating that great Gospel music. The chorus work on this was catchy and amazing which just makes you love the song

Itakua ngori, bila yesu itakua ngori, itakua ngori
i tell ya bila yesu itakua ngua ngori!!

This is a straight to Serato addition for any dj out there


Joh Makini – XO and I see Me

First and foremost this are not new records. If you like that good music you probably have this on your music catalog. This two record were nominated for best Hip hop song for the Kili Music awards and that’s huge.
Joe or Joh as some call him had his debut in 1997 but it really wasn’t until 2004 when he became an essential artist in the region when he released “hawapendi”. In 2006 he released Chochote Popote which ultimately went to cement his reputation as a formidable Bongo Flava artist in the region.

For all the fans of Joh makini out there enjoy this records. XO features Gnako and you know when the two pair up it’s always a dope record.

Joh Makini lines best describes this song

Lyrics kali, msanii mkali, beat kali, ngoma kali, flow kali.. kila kitu kali kama hujaipenda hii song wewe sio mkali.

Click here For Past Joh Makini posts and music downloads on the site.

Listen to Xo Below:

Listen to I see Me Below:

Watch the Video for XO below:

Watch I see you below:

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