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Dj Lenny – Turudi Kwa Culture (Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1)


Creating a noteworthy dope mix is never an easy task. So many djs out there are so talented but fail miserably in making timeless mixes that are listenable from start to finish. Dj’s have to find and keep that fine balance between seamless mixing, dropping exclusives or classics and above all differentiate themselves from everybody else out there and provide mixes that are listenable and appreciated by everyone. Dj Lenny’s Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1 is a dope mix that is timeless and a must listen and favorite for any music lover.

Here is an excerpt on his inspiration for the mix.

One of my favorite shows in Kenya is on Saturday nights, a caller/soc media interactive show called ‘Rasha Rasha’. It’s basically a party set celebrating Rumba & Soukous music .. playing and discussing anything from the late great Franco & Tabu Ley to modern day superstars like Fally Ipupa & Ferre Gola .. while I had already contemplated making a rumba mix, the actual need or the cultural artistic importance of it dawned on me after catching a few episodes. My hope with this mix is that it educates as much as it entertains or brings back nostalgic memories from days when Rumba and Zilizopendwa music were mainstays on dancefloors from the Congo to East Africa .

The idea behind it was to make a mix that has a treasure kind of feel to it, a mix that someone will want to hold on to for years, hopefully, decades to come .. If it’s on a CD to make sure it never got scratched or an mp3 that would be copied and backed up several times to keep it safe .. a piece of art if you will
People don’t realize how important our culture is, how much it has shaped us as a people and for this mixes’ purpose ; the fact that we have to each play our part in celebrating it, documenting it and passing it on or forward to the future generations. . this is only VOL 1 so stay tuned.

This is fire. I loved the approach. Classics from Franco, Super Mazembe, Mbilia Bel, Tabu ley and many more are on the mix. That Bozi Boziana was and still is my jam…. Bump this heavy.

Avril Ft. Ommy Dimpoz – Hello Baby


There’s something to be said for starting your year on a high note and on that aspect Avril starts off the new year by releasing this brand new single called “Hello baby” that features Tanzania’s superstar Ommy Dimpoz.

This is a love song and that screams the always common bedroom ready theme. it’s not a bad record but I it really did nothing for me as I was expecting more from the duo.

Like what you’re hearing? Then keep it locked more fresh singles leading up to Avril’s new album.

Listen to the record below:

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Nazizi – Over You


It’s rare that we feature the same artist on back to back posts. Nazizi is curretky in the final stages of finalizing her new album EVO LLUSION with over you being the first singles from the album, that will be released under label ya Lovechild records. Produced by producer Sappy , who is best known for his work on ‘Badder Dan Most’ .

This is a catchy tune ….. A fan’s youtube comments summarizes the whole record.

Its toooo baaaad boy u a left me…….us gals b pumpin ths tune like…..wherya gal wherya gal wherya galfriend.

Listen to the song below:

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Watch the video below:

TID ft Nazizi – Pressure


TID has been releasing records in the past few months but nothing really has stuck on to his many fans. As an artist this can sometimes lead to frustration and various change ups in producers, music and style. Everyone knows TID can make great records. The question is why has nothing that he’s recently released not resonated with the fans. The question to that can take weeks to talk about.

One thing I know for certain is that in this fast paced world and microwave music, most music fans are all about the experience. Forget the days of making great music, leaning back and the records taking a life of their own. In this music world, artists have to push records thru the masses, doing shows and showcasing a body of work as compared to singles.

Either way, this is a new one from TID featuring ever looking good Nazizi.

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Watch the video below:

Size 8 – Jemedari

Size 8 recently released this video as her follow up to her addition in her music catalog. According to her The song is my own testimony of what God can do. He saved me through Jesus Christ took me from the secular world and established me in him now am singing to the glory and honor of his name. Blessed be the God who is above

Jemedari is a swahili word meaning warrior. The song is something everyone can relate too.

Watch the video below:

Weusi ft Collo, Navio, Nazizi & Rabbit – Gere (Remix)


To start off 2015, here is a Tanzania-Uganda-Kenya collabo of Kenyan artists Rabbit, Collo and Nazizi have teaming up with Uganda’s Navio on the remix of Gere. Music enthusiasts will know that Tanzanian music group Weusi had released the original record early last year.

The track is produced by Nahreel and is a straight to music playlist type of record.

Give it a listen below

Below is the original video

Professor Jay Feat Jose Chameleone – Kwa Ajili Yako

It’s the holiday season and with many music fans will be spending time on the road or flying and nothing compares to having new music for those road trips. One of those records for a addition to your road trip playlist is from Bongo Hip Hop Maestro Professor Jay who released “Kwa Ajili Yako” this week that features Jose Chameleon whom they’ve previously collaborated with the smash hit Ndivyo Sivyo.

This is some Nice great work and flow from the duo with the beat produced by Willy at Mwanalizombe studios.#BANGER

Listen to the song below:

Fid Q Feat Dream Big- Bongo Hip Hop

Fid Q

We’ve featured Fid Q before either as a solo artist or his various collabos. Some of the records that we’ve featured from him can be found here.

Any avid lover of bongo music definitely appreciates some Fid Q every once and then in his music playlist. When various artists talking about the overkill “Turning Up’, Fid Q tackles a different lane by providing listeners with a different spectrum of the Bongo Hip hop world. Production duties on this dope record were handled by Son of the Funk and mixed by P-Funk.

Listen to the track below:

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Ali Kiba – Mwana (Lamar Refix ***)

Lamar is a genius, or better yet Lamar has figured out a way to make Tanzanian music flavorful and I am loving it all the way to the bank. On these types of posts I dont even want to say much, just listen to this rendition of a classic into something much more urban/western/dance like and essentially what I call – AFRICAN POP / AFROP.

Play this loud wherever you are… enjoy

DTR – I love the 80’s

Every now and then when I am in a bad mood I go to DJ Dyme’s soundcloud account and I get some uplifting. This week this particular mix put me in my place and helped restore my faith in 80’s dance music. Enjoy this mix because the song selection really couldn’t be indicative of a time and place where most of us were in a mathree or in a club in Kenya. Dj Paco was the king of 80’s man…

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Dj Lenny – Turudi Kwa Culture (Rhumba Vs Zilizopendwa Vol. 1)

Creating a noteworthy dope mix is never an easy task. So many djs out there are so talented but fail

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