Brand New: Jua Cali feat Enika – Niimbie (****)


JuaCali is at it again, brand new music from the general of genge himself. In reference to my previous statement on comparing Jua Cali with Kenrazy. I take it all back, these two apples dont come from the same tree. I totally believe consistency is the key to this industry and JuaCali keeps proving time after time that he is here to stay and he is undoubtedly going to be crowned the GENGE king.

This joint is killer, has a good vibe, mellow production style and a good hook from Enika. And Mandugu Digital has killed it yet again, Abrose continues to deliver beats that I just cant seem to get enough of, I think I will change my tag line for Change we can believe in – to JuaCali for president.

Keep feeding the streets with your hot new s$%t.

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11 Responses to “Brand New: Jua Cali feat Enika – Niimbie (****)”

  1. kenyansed says:

    i find myself visiting ths site mo often everyday. as long as u got great new music u can count me as a regular visitor. pliz could u find some new music from chris kantai? asante

  2. Dj Ken says:

    Fresh and sweet,this will get heavy rotation on my set…thanks

  3. Snowman says:

    This song is nyc Jua Kali rules

  4. wakinuthia says:

    Best song by Jua Cali in my opinion….na Enika ana vocals kali

  5. nguye says:

    now this is the business! i have searched all week for the name of this track. just the right combo with Enika, good chemistry. wicked lyrics, voice quality, base and that high refrain instrument, the tune even has strings. All these layers make it memorable. Jua Cali more please

  6. Dennis Kothe says:

    Juacali iz the G.O.A.T. in kenya guyz n Niimbie comes as no big surprise,juz doin wat he does best.kudos jua

  7. Alan says:

    Man, where have I been the last year? This song is awesome. I only just heard it the other day on an Umoja mat. Thanks!

  8. Husna says:

    Kali sanaaaaaaaaaaaa!Dada Enika endelea hivyo hivyoooooooo………….

  9. Dennis Munyasya says:

    hell ya tuimbie jua kali

  10. Dennis Munyasya says:

    lovely song buda.calif juu

  11. Dennis Munyasya says:

    napata ngoma nusu kwani wats up?do smthing.anywayz ngoma ni kali

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