Brand New: Kleptomaniacs – Magnetic


So maybe this song is not that new coz its been sitting in my music folder for months now, but it was released this year and has gotten no love whatsoever online and in the video logs. Its an interesting attempt at the trio in trying something new. The sound is not the usual classic Ogopa sound or the traditional Kapuka beat… this is a ULOPA NGOMA (you know I kinda like these Ulopa guys.. their production style is interesting)

Either way here is Kleptomaniacs with Magnetic..

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download the song here:

[Download the track here:]

11 Responses to “Brand New: Kleptomaniacs – Magnetic”

  1. jen says:

    something about this song…

  2. jen says:

    Could you please post more songs produced by ulopa ngoma? I’ve listened to a few and I think they do a great job!

  3. jiggar says:

    That’s a kenyan classic.Big up ULOPA,BIG ONCE MORE ULOPA

  4. permo says:

    yap ulopa iz getting better with tym i presume n tha fact that those guys promote underground musicians is all good

  5. kay slay says:

    Big Up to getting back togehter ad the song. Plus hope youi are going to stick with ULOPA goes the deal with Ogopa.
    BIG UP!!

  6. Elvy says:

    Woooh…wimbo kali…anyone know where i can find the video?

  7. WEche says:

    That song builds on u as u listen it,i THINK ULOPA is the next BIG or Bigger production house in E.Africa.EXCELLENT WORK Mr.Ulopa continue with the work don’t give up.

  8. mwas says:

    Ulopa is taking the industry by storm endelea vivyo hivyo na utilie mkazo ngeli ya Ku-Ti-A Bi-Di.

  9. Mugure says:

    I love this song! Especially when Ulopa sings this to me every night before we sleep.

  10. baby boo says:

    oh my my my i love dis song bt i love it more wen collo sings it to me in bed

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