Zilizopendwa – Mercy Myra : Tie Dero


Every once in a while we like to put a song out there that is not necessarily old, but was released a while back. This was Bruce Odhiambo’s first Urban track. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Bruce in Kenya and in the US combined, I must say he is probably one of the coolest people i’ve been privileged to know in my time. Dude is too humble, but the jaluo in him still prevails… he he he but do I say… Still rolls in his 1984 BENZ (refuses to sell it ha ha ha).

Bruce honestly i miss friday evenings at your crib, Biriyani fridays – Cant get that kind of treatment in the US no where, kwanza with the economy this bad. Waiiii…

When Mercy put the vocals to this track, it was magic – I wish mercy would just put out even one track, even if its a teaser!!! This was probably Mercy’s biggest hit – all Jangos go crazy when they hear this track, but thats until Achieng Abura showed up and ofcourse Tony Nyadundo (that’s one of my favorite artists too, the guy can play 4 horus straight non stop). Anyway this album is available online, you can support Bruice Odhiambo by purchasing this classic album here >>

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    2 Responses to “Zilizopendwa – Mercy Myra : Tie Dero”

    1. khalid says:

      this’s some classic kenya..aki we need more of this..like nazizi nataka kua rapa..her very first joint to put her on the map.try take care of that please.

    2. nyabzz says:

      oh my………………mad nostalgia………..what happened to her anyway………

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