Brand New Music: Big Pin feat Sanaa – You

//Disclaimer – We apologize for the image uploaded, we tried our best to photoshop an old Big Pin image from Ogopa poster and a new image of Sanaa with Pam and Karma. It doesn’t look half as bad as we thought it would. however one thing we would like to note is that Big Pin is probably one of the few artists you can’t find online anywhere – We are not sure why, maybe he just hasn’t had any new material for a while but basically no images, no audio apart from Terra Moss… It took us ten seconds to find promo pictures from P-Square to use.. but it normally is challenging to find any press releases or images from East African artists as a whole. //

Big Pin is a very humble dude, I cant really describe him any other way, I’ve spent a lot of time with Pin on a personal level that I really never saw him as an artist. I admire the fact that he has always tried to keep it Jaluo on all his tracks – that formula has always worked for the most part.

Sanaa on the other hand was one sexy goddess during the SEMA days… for the longest time there were rumors of her dating DJ John of Homeboyz that never really panned out. Some people claim the group broke up because of some of these differences – personally I think just standing next to Sanaa was Cake enough. She did enough justice of carrying that name from the real Sana (Sanaipei) Debra waaa wololo…

Anyway here is a brand new track of the two talents – its about time these two did a song together, although this song sounds like someone sampled a dancehall song (what a lie, what a lie what a very bad lie am not sure who sang that song or what the name of the song is.. but I know the tune).

You is produced by Homeboyz, I guess homeboyz is back – lets hope we can still get some heat from the fridge considering Musyoka started his own outfit and Ambrose is in Tanzania…

listen to you here:

download the track here:

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4 Responses to “Brand New Music: Big Pin feat Sanaa – You”

  1. shahartk says:

    goood song

  2. Dj Dubwise says:

    Nice tune.

  3. DJ TzOnE says:

    It’s heavy tune

  4. gentlemanly says:

    I almost mezad a lollipop when BigPin said “A Homeboyz Productshizzle” at the outro! I honestly thought this was an Ogopa track coz it sounds so much like Amani’s “BadBoy” only abit slower. Even the choice of Brass Instrumentation, the kick and hi-hat rythmns..somebody’s got to compare then two then get back to me. But, it’s nice. I like the intro when BigPin admits that even the Beast falls in love sometimes..ha!ha! classic. This was done on a major key which is great thing coz 80% of Kenyan R&B and HipHop is done in minor Keys…which is not bad but a little too much. Big Up Big Pin but I still prefer Kenteba to this one.

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