Brand New: Sauti Sol – Lazizi (GetMziki Exclusive***)

img courtesy of Sauti Sol – Penya Records

The multi-talented Sauti Sol is nothing you have ever experienced before. The African acoustic band consists of 4 members; Bien-Aime Baraza, Willis Chimano, Delvin Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno who met in high school and originally started as an accapella group. Their album is a fusion of African sound with an urban feel; most of the songs apparently have been well received when performed live among Sauti’s continuously growing fan-base.

When I received the Sauti Sol CD, the packaging and the production was up to par with what I expected. But what I didn’t expect was the actual sound coming from the group. This is purely a musical experience. I want everyone to experience what I did, and I will debut bits and pieces of this album over the next few months but for today please listen to this journey – because I think Kenya is onto something and the whole Penya crew is coming up with some interesting music from the region.

Wawesh I salute you continue and keep up with the good work…

listen to Lazizi here:

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download the track here:


visit Sauti Sol on their Myspace page here: Click here

18 Responses to “Brand New: Sauti Sol – Lazizi (GetMziki Exclusive***)”

  1. gentlemanly says:

    Lazizi wangu eh, zawadi nono kutoka mbinguni…whether you like Afro Fusion or not, you’ll like Lazizi:not the chick herself, but the song. All those that have attended the Alliance Francaise Gigs know how professional Sauti are as musicians. They effortlessly play Music Instruments and are the Man U of Harmonies.
    This is a great track. Simple as that.

  2. Xcel says:

    concur with gentlemanly…dope dope…

  3. Dubwise says:

    these fellas are good. pure talent and simply put, the future is here. Big ups to these talented youts and of course the man behind the production…

  4. Mark says:

    I am sooo feeling this track all the way. This is most definitely a classic. Only issue I would have (ok,not really an issue but for the sake of argument), it sounds to me like one of those tourist/wazungu targeting songs from the production i.e drumz and everything. I do not have anything really against that but I just think the style in which it was produced is very restrictive and might prove difficult to make it to main stream. If there is one song I believe would give bongo music a run for its money it is this song…but first it has to be made more hip.

  5. Nefa says:

    This track is jus crazy.Bigup wawesh n sauti sol.I saw their perfomance n its jus so moving.i luv this trak

  6. Tapiwa says:

    To reply mark.
    You may say that, but its the simple fact that they took that and made it their own, managed to manipulate those drums that we often shun away in the mainstream music and made is sound just as good if not better than most mainstream tracks with standard drums and all.
    No these jamaz have greatly impressed me

  7. zalome says:

    the greates thing out of east africa period n saw them live last weekend n they are international class. we want more

  8. Mlush says:

    Sauti sol juu…right up there. What i want to know is where they do their performances in kenya(nairobi) any day! wont want to miss that. kindly.

  9. The.Hanyeé says:

    These chaps are an amazing musical experience…I wouldn’t tag them as “Afrofusion” (grossly overused/misused genre placement in the Kenyan music scene) or “Neosoul” (similar reasons as before)…they have a nice, very rich and interestingly new sound – but a sound that feels so familiar, it’s easy to get pleasantly lost in the sound & lyric on most of their tracks. I got a hold of the album a few days ago and it’s been on repeat, it might just get worn out!

    Leo, you’re absolutely right – Kenya is onto something fascinating and exciting here…

  10. sam says:

    simply amazing album..

  11. mpenda muziki says:

    ” … it sounds to me like one of those tourist/wazungu targeting songs from the production i.e drumz and everything. ” i totally disagree this is part of our heritage jo, identity kali. If the tourists like it, poa chapaa wacha icome. otherwise it helps, .. at least drumming will not become extict

  12. Muthoni kibaara says:

    Maze u guyz r so kul ur songz r so so wandaful i luv u!

  13. rm says:

    mambo mbaya…or is it bad news…

  14. Natalie says:

    u are AWESOME

  15. susan says:

    man you guys are the hottest thing around…..i salute you!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. edgar says:

    Big up to Sauti Sol. the best group ever.

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