Brand New: Bobby Mapesa – Tuko Mbele

Brand new music from Bobby Mapesa, truthfully I have no info on this artist but the song definitely deserves a few rotations. Some fresh new beats from Kenya. Ive heard his name being dropped here and there but I’ve never really seen or heard his material prior to today.

listen to tuko mbele here:

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download the track here:

13 Responses to “Brand New: Bobby Mapesa – Tuko Mbele”

  1. bryo says:

    yo leo.. bobby mapesa is the dude who is one half of the bugz thse guys who are on mtoto mzuri remix with nonini and a song that hit a while back was kamoja tu but the bugz also their larest hit as a duo ws a song called wezere it ws doing well on charts bck hme

  2. JIGGER says:

    Another nice track from ULOPA NGOMA.
    Combine Ulopa and Bobby what do you get “TUKO MBELE”
    Ladies and Gentlemen i told you ULOPA IS TAKING OVER THA INDUSTRY.

  3. Gitz says:

    This is my favorite track from the Ulopa powerhouse. I have it on repeat in my car! Cookies from the house of Manji!

  4. Roddy says:

    He dissed Frasha of P-Unit on this record for jocking his style. BTW Leo if u get that record by Ulopa plus another Muhindi artist please. Don’t know the name but first chorus line goes something like “Nimetembea Kila Corner, nikimtafuta, huyo dame yuko wapi?”

  5. leofaya says:

    I actually managed to upload a bugz track today and listened to Bobby Mapesa vocals…. sounds like him.. and makes sense.. Thanks Bryo….

    thats the url to GetMziki Videos – I have some high quality videos ill be uploading all soon to some new platform we are working on.

  6. jigger says:

    LEO FAYA i think you should create a web page just 4 ULOPA NGOMA trax.There r crazy stuff coming from tha powerhouse everyday.
    No record label in the country now can compete with ULOPA NGOMA,coz am told there is more fire coming soon from tha label watch out LEO.

  7. Locom says:

    Ulopa is doubt. But this beat sounds a whole lot like “Get me bodied” by Beyonce. The whole drum pattern and bassline.
    Say it aint so.

  8. jigger says:

    Locom it aint sound like any of beyonce’s songs,this song was recorded in 2006.
    What a u talking about?sh*****
    Ulopa doesn’t sample any song.I think u haven’t more of his stuff.
    This is a killer tune.

  9. Wagush says:

    Its alright… …..

  10. leavethatplatethere says:

    if this was recorded in 2006 then that’s some good hit they been sittin on 4 3 years – this is str8 faya!!!! futuristic heat ryt here pipo. Big up Bobby…been silent 4 a minit man n where the hell did kantai go?

  11. getmziki says:

    Still trying to get these configs right it will only be a moment

  12. Joey says:

    Hey Y’all if y’all could be kind enough and gi’me any contact of Ulopa I would I will be glad ’cause I would like to work wi’him on a few songs when I get back to Nai ’cause now I am in NYC. Thanks y’all and God bless.

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