Brand New: DNA – Lets Go (Get Mziki Exclusive)


Rumor has it that DNA and Jomino are beefing major. I dont know maybe our readers from Kenya can shed some more light into this. I was unable to get DNA for a comment on that story and or even Jomino – but what thats done is spiraled a new wave of talent and exploration in the form of this hit here…

Specially requested by so many people – LETS GO produced by ULOPA Ngoma.


Listen to Lets Go here:

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Download the track here:

18 Responses to “Brand New: DNA – Lets Go (Get Mziki Exclusive)”

  1. bryo says:

    whaaaaaaaaatttt!!!! ths beat is too much hehe!!! tight track

  2. jigger says:

    ULOPA NGOMA decide to put some juju on this track.
    D.N.A come up with some tight lyrics,then combine tha 2 what is tha ans = Let’s gooooooooooo.
    Tha track is to hoooooooooooooooooooooooot.
    Big engineer ulops,kudos.coz this another club banger whattttt did i just say clubbb bangggggggggggggggger?

  3. llisa says:

    Ah!!!! That beat is just off the chains!!! DNA on the other hand has some very mediocre lyrics there. This the kind of track u listen to over and over it grows on you! Ulopa has that midas touch indeed tho’

  4. Roddy says:

    I was waiting to see the comments on this track but i’m not feeling this track, as a matter of fact i find it painfull to listen to coz if you think about it DNA has set a different standard of himself and this is low IMO. Maybe since it’s the first go around with Ulopa.


  5. jigger says:

    Roddy stop hating,if u can remember well they iz a time i said pple will start hating on ULOPA NGOMA.

  6. leavethatplatethere says:

    it aint hate to say u aint feeling a song – c’mon man its not like he said its garbage or anything – i kinda agree with roddy…seems like dna was just willing for the song to end n did not put much energy to it…really dismall performance id say. n btw lisa agrees too

  7. Roddy says:

    Jigger, have you seriously read all my comments? coz if u did you wouldn’t make such a blank statement. I’m not hating on Ulopa BTW i actually requested one of the songs that was later put on here and I’ve also requested another produced by him and i’m hoping if possible it would be up here.

    You can’t compare DNAs performance on Kamua Kamua to this. The “kamua” display is superior…i was hoping it would be similar or even better than this. Like i said, it’s the first go around with Ulopa with better things to come. Since when did constructive criticism referred to as hating

  8. Wagush says:

    Me Like…

  9. That chic says:

    Jigger are you by any chance ulopa himself or related to him? You all up in his grill ive noticed.There is nothing wrong with constructive ctiticism. This song did not deliver like i expected. The beat part is okay but DNA clearly failed lyricaly and so it makes both of them look bad. On the other hand that track by bobby mapesa is fire! His spitting game in on track complementing the beat making it an instant hit! “cookies fresh toka house of manji” while DNA’s lyrics put me to sleep! Thats just my 2 cents
    Now can we get more ulopa ngoma songs??

  10. kthree says:

    eiiiiiishhhhhhhhhh! this track reminds me of how proud i am to be kenyan…….regardless of da distance…..its going down erry-day erry-tyme anywea!!!!!!! mad props to DNA!!!!!

  11. jigger says:

    That chic am not ulopa bt gt thiz straight tha guy is tight,coz i can remember commenting on this web that pple will start hating on ulops very soon.
    So give me a break that chic,some criticism aren’t constructive in other words i mean they don’t help in anyway.Check out Roddy’s comment bfore he try’s do aka about turn.
    If tha joint is a killa let’s say soooooooo kwani?Let’s gooooooooo

  12. Roddy says:

    Do a U-turn what, Since this thing dropped in January 09, still not feeling it. The Joint is Killa to “you” but not me

  13. jigger says:

    O.k Roddy u don’t still feel tha joint?wait for another one that am told will b dropping soon men.
    By tha way tha song wasn’t dropped in Jan,It was dropped in late Feb.U see that’s y i say u normal take a u-turn and thatz u.
    Roddy bt don’t mad a lot coz u are nt feeling tha joint,it may be a killa to me bt not u who doesn’t feel hip hop.
    O.k Roddy next DNA’S song let’s gooooooooo together Au Vipiiii?
    “Leave that plate there” Roddy and That chic.

  14. Roddy says:

    Late Feb, I heard this record the first time on Homeboyz Radio in January. LOL jigger you baffle me with the hiphop comment. Just because i don’t like one record by one of your favorite producers, it ain’t feeling hiphop LOL…please. Like you said, lets hear the next Joint from DNA, SAWA.

  15. kabugi says:

    to re-iterate, constructive criticism is especially good for the artist. I’m a DNA fan and i can confidently say his verse on ‘KAMUA’ is str8 fire and it’s only fair to expect heavy rhymes going forward for the most part. This track is good but again, everyone is entitled to their opinion so instead of a constant back & forth, point out what you liked or didn’t like about the lyrical content, beat concept, delivery etc..

  16. NONDESCRIPT says:

    lemme shed some light..DNA and Jomino have no beef. He simply decided to venture out on his own so as to learn the ropes better as well as increase diversity in his music…the beef thing is rumors…Lets go is the first track that he did after leaving the label.

  17. jigger says:

    NONDESCPRIPT u gt it men?Lets go indeed iz tha 1st track that DNA did after leaving jomino.

  18. jigger says:

    Hallo every1 DNA iz doing some new stuff u better b prepared.

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