Brand New: Sheena feat Zanto – Fursa

This is some brand new heat, the quality is too high for audio streaming so you may not enjoy the play option to sample the track. But if you are a DJ, please FEAST on this TRACK its FIRE… FIRE… Trust me this whole Kenya vs BONGO intergration is crazy. I love this track why lie, the kinanda is so infectious. I do apologize that sampling this track will not give you the kind of immediate gratification you get from being able to sample before you download but I think this is one song I give worth a shot. I dont know who SHEENA is but am very familiar with Tanzanian music star ZANTO (who sang Binti Kiziwi).

Enjoy this banger…

listen to Fursa here:

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download the track here:

5 Responses to “Brand New: Sheena feat Zanto – Fursa”

  1. Freddy says:

    I agree with you, this joint is hot! Bongo beats r da bomb. Manze post some juma nature, fidque, ngwea, langa, inspeta haroun, and more bongo rap

  2. Dj TopDonn says:

    I heard this a while back and endorsed this immediately. This for sure is banger

  3. mqenya says:

    banger for real! chune’s got me jumping on furniture at my diggz! jo, hiyo beat is infectiously entertaining!!! props vimeja kwa clemo. you da illest producer…calif damu. watuuuuuuu!!

  4. Wagush says:

    dope beat… weak vocals

  5. stanzs says:

    I have been looking for this song for the longest time ever.fantastic song

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