DJ Week – DJ Wesley : Dallas Promo Mixtape

DJ Wesley is slated to be in the US at some point this year starting his tour in Dallas – the details are still vague at this point as plans are still being made, but from the mixes being submitted each week between Wesley and his team in Dallas its safe to say Memorial Weekend might be an interesting event this year.

Wesley currently holds down Homeboyz Radio – and if you pay close attention to his sets you will realize the kid is bad news – I once told my boy DJ Mista Prime to watch out for DJ Wesley or DJ Creme – Prime took my latter advice and signed up with DJ Creme de la Creme the “top Chef” who I hear kills it on the Decks in Kenya.

Needless to say this new breed of young gunnas is something to watch closely because they are changing the game slowly. I just wish they would dare to step out of the Genge realm for a day or two. This mix is interesting because its not really about Genge or Kapuka… Wesley put a little bit of everything in it.

listen to DJ Wesley Mixtape here:

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Download the mix here

Right Click here and hit save target as : DJ Wesley Dallas Promo Mixtape

8 Responses to “DJ Week – DJ Wesley : Dallas Promo Mixtape”

  1. kenyanised says:

    i have been aware of dj wesley for along time through his “mambo makubwa” mixtapes. he is another exceptional talent to come from the homeboyz entertainment juggernaut. i like the fact that he KNOWS A WIDE VIRIETY OF MUSIC which some djs in kenya lack.

  2. crazy says:

    damn wat the fk
    this is the real deal, dallas memorial is bein shut down, it will be fire by DJ WESLEY be iccced to cool the place down
    this is homeboyz gold, he must be #1 DJ in East Africa !

  3. leavethatplatethere says:

    damn – i been sleepin on this nigga for a while…..what!!! Dj wesley is ill.pointblank period – i myt just head down to dallas to hear him spin – him n killbill are my top two fave djs ryt now!!!

  4. tonie says:

    dj wesleys mix jus made my sunday.with no such mix in canterbury…london has jus lightened up wit the mix master.get me more stuff

  5. Kylani says:

    Dj Wesley is so much fun =] and what i will never understand is ‘leavethatplatethere’ can call him that with so much disrespect =[ that’s not a very nice thing, slang or not.


  6. kevin says:

    great things. how can i get the other mix tapes, the non-promo

  7. Shiri says:

    Maze Dj Wes, wats the name of the original soul song at 28.20 That song is Hott but i cant rememba the name. Fantastic Mix joh!

  8. dee says:

    i thnk deeja wesley is no fresh frm all other kenyan deejays cause they only cook up mixxes with softwares i would really back them if i saw them in real competitions in the europeans country whre they do the real thing bt apart from da dat he’s got mad talent needing to b developed.

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