Hussein Machozi "Kafia Ghetto"


I had promised I would be posting some of the individual songs that were featured on ISHIKE RADIO PART 11. One of the artists who was featured is Bongo artist Hussein Machozi with the current bangers “Full Shangwe”, “Kafia Ghetto” and “Maji Yakimwagika”. If you don’t know who Hussein Machozi is then more reason why you should listen to his music. I always showcase “future stars” ( artists you probably never heard off but who are about to blow up) on all my street albums and people have come to expect that when they cop my street albums

“In his song ‘Kafia Ghetto’ Hussein Rashid better known as Hussein Machozi narrates a story of how a girl pays a young man a visit to inform him that she has accepted to be his girlfriend. This is after she had turned down his requests for friendship a number of times. The young man cannot not hide his joy and asks her to get seated while he goes to the nearby kiosk to get her a drink. Returning from the shop he finds the girl lying dead on his bed. Based on a personal experience of a close friend of his, the girl in real life does not die. The death of the girl in the song forces listeners to think deeply as to what they would have done if their loved one died immediately after declaring their love.” (Courtesy of Citizen Newspapers)

I’m sure this is a song everybody out there can relate to.
Enjoy the track!!!!!

Listen To The Track Here:

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Download the track here:


37 Responses to “Hussein Machozi "Kafia Ghetto"”

  1. gogo says:

    if you are going to do a song about someone who died please record a respectable song and video. the dead girl is probably turning in her grave, she has been reduced to this awful sound that employs tragedy in such a poor way! And cant these artists stop sounding the same and sing happy songs for a change! i hate this type of music! sad!

  2. wanjala says:

    FINALLY someone agrees with me. i’m tired of all this bongo this, bongo that bullshit, and all these so-called music critics running around crying that bongo music is better than kenyan artists.
    all these people sing about is funerals and how they r hurt that some chic broke up with them. well newsflash!!!…kuachwa na masupa mtaani tushazoea, ndo maana si huimba ju ya mawaters, hepi na kurarukiwa, mkono kwa burush kama mic roo safi.
    if i hear one more bongo music-kenya music analogy i swear i’ll go PEV!!

    • if you don’t know something don’t talk about it…it hates when wanjala talks badly about bongo music and yet it has taken over eastern African music… bongo music is talk of the town.. wanjala which kind of music do know.. l think you are just a joker…

  3. bongo4eva says:

    Ok sijawahi kuweka comments kwenye hizi posts but i couldn’t help Myself lettin this one slip by especially after reading the disrespectful n hatred words by wanj-ever..It’s true kwamba most bongo artists sing about love n life n general kwa sababu ndo maisha waliokulia..U can’t expect an artist aimbe kuhusu keroro na kulewa while in real life he/she doesn’t drink. Quite frankly, i would rather listen to hizi meaningful love songs kuliko “eti jana kuliendaje bull.” I think wanja u r still stuck in the 80’s na hutaki kukubali the fact kuna maendeleo Tanzania na kwamba bongo flava is goin to the next level..acha chuki ndugu yangu.. remember u can’t beat ’em join ’em. I’m not takin anythin away from “genge” i just think it’s too early 4 us 2 start criticizing each other wakati tuko pamoja n we have a long way to catch up with the Nigerians, South Africans n Congolese whose music has succesfully crossed the boarders..YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wanjala says:

    hey bongo4eva, the name is wanjala not wanjeva, not wanja-anything-else-u-wana-say-to-seem-cool. and i don’t see what ur 80’s comment has anything to do with my post.
    if u have an iota of sense, u will understand from my post that my issue is with the whole tzian music is better than kenyan music bullshit. that i totally disagree with. if you enjoy bongo music more, then thats ur forte, i personally would rather hear about money drugs and alcohol, not that my taste is any better than urs.
    now if you would go back to not “wekaing comments kwenye hizi posts” you would have done alot of people a huge favor, otherwise read the post before you start whining, when we’re both basicaly blowing the same trumpet.

  5. bongo4eva says:

    So Wanja-watever u name is What u r sayin is u disagree that bongo flava is better than genge???? R u sure u wanna take it there?? how can u compare 5 i can seriously consider genge artists to 20 something bongo flava artists?? i don’t get it. N u would rather hear drugs money n alcohol… wow Now i c where u r influence comes from… quit being a wannabe n stick to u r culture..Tuko pamoja let’s support these artists n eventually one day East Africa can rule the music charts…TUKO PAMOJA

  6. wanjala says:

    YAAAWWWNN!!! this bongo dude steady putting me to sleep. umeshinda basi. i’ll go find 20 something bongo flava artists to listen to when i wake up.
    oh, i actually have to quit being a wannabe first and stick to my culture. i can swear lunjez have always had drugs money and alcohol, but who am i to argue with the omniscient bongo4eva.

  7. djdona says:

    Hey Guys

    Lets keep it civil and lean back on the KE/TZ “beef”.

    Every country or region has it own music style and usually somewhat one or two dominant topic(s)and really everyone will have a strong bias on the type of music they grew up listening to. Its just the way it is.
    As fans we just need to embrace music from EA, get together and show everyone that we support each other.

  8. wanjala says:

    Hey DJ Dona, i can swear i heard u on KC radio some weekend while i was in lawrence. Kama ilikuwa ni wewe mazee basi umefika. Keep doing your thing, round hii wakenya tuko ndani roo safi. obama-dona.

  9. bongo4eva says:

    Dj Dona im wit u. Hakuna TZ/KE beef. It’s just that their some few lunatics out there i.e wanjaah who can’t accept the fact that the modern Tanzania is nothing like what it used to be like in the 80’s.It’s a new era n Bongo Flava is getting better n better everday not takin away anything from genge…Hatutaki kubishana who’s better i’m just tired of idiots like wanjah who can’t accept changes.. u don’t have to luv it but just give credit when it’s due na endelea na shughuli zako meanwhile lets embrace n support our artists n hopefully they too can cross the boarders.. sijui nilijuaje lakini i knew somewhere down the road u would bring the Obama topic up..

  10. wanjala says:

    wow, this bongo4eve dude really won’t stop jockin my dick!!! dang what did i get myself into.

  11. djdona says:

    Wanjala and Bongo4eve

    Thanks for the comments.

    I see all you guys are passionate about this music thing and that’s what I like seeing. BTW I’m the one who wrote this post (I’m one of the contributors at getmziki) so I’m just moderating to make sure people don’t cross the line.

    Hey Wanjala, that was me on KC radio. I’m on live every Saturday from 6pm-8.30pm .
    Keep on supporting your artists!!!!!!

  12. gogo says:

    ok bongo4eve, no one has said anything about tanzania in the 80s. if you are just inseccure abt that place thats you! the only thing we talking abt here is music and if someone does not feel this tanzanian music it doesnt MEAN THEY THINK ANYTHING ABOUT TZ IN THE 80S! get off that insecurity mentality we dont have to like it coz tz in in the year 2009 LAST TIME I CHECKED WE ALL IN 2009 HEADED SOMEWHERE!

  13. bongo4eva says:

    Yeah now im gettin pounded by a guy called “gogo” WOW!!! BTW gogo in bongo slang it means mavi(shit)just wanna let u know. Guess u r momma picked up the perfect name 4 ya.. No one is insecured of nothin just tired of the same ol negativity towards TZ n thats what Wanjaa was refering too when he made his smart comments.. Get it straight next time b4 u decide 2 jump into some shit (gogo) that don’t concern u.. if u pay attention to the song, it has a little sense of humor n some reality into it n i gotta give kudos to HM for tryin somethin different..The video might not b of best quality but u gotta remember he’s a new artist..n good videos cost money.. u don’t like it, don’t watch it. let the real people who knows music enjoy … n wanjau do u enjoy other guys jockin u r d*ck?? y would say sayin stupid like that unless u wanna come out of the closet huh..

  14. bongo4eva says:

    i meant to say y would u say somethin stupid like that unless u wanna come out of the closet

  15. gogo says:

    heheh bongo4eva, you can get as abusive as you want but i will not sink to that uneducated level. I just dont feel the song and Dude RELAX ITS JUST A SONG THAT SOMEONE ELSE DOESNT LIKE! YOU SOUND SO TRIVIAL! HEHEHEHEH!

  16. bongo4eva says:

    And cant (these artists) stop sounding the same and sing happy songs for a change! i hate this type of music! sad!

    I wonder wat u was reffering 2 dude, gogo, mavi whatever

  17. gogo says:

    heheheh bongo4eva, you sound so trivial man! heheheh! AND YES I HATE MOST OF THAT BONGO FREVA(FLAVA) HATE HATE ! MOST OF IT hehehheehhe ok now cuss some more hehehe! child!

  18. wanjala says:

    gogo, leave this kid alone. he came on the forum with his own issues that have nothing to do with the music. plus we can already tell he’s a bit slow coz kusoma jina za watu alone imemshinda. acha atukane vile anataka in the end we’ll still hate most of these tz-ian sorrow music shit, be it from 2009 or from “the 80s”. i find it funny how the internet make people brave than a mafucca.

  19. bongo4eva says:

    so nyie makuma kama mnachukia bongo flava why bother kusikiliza hata hii nyimbo.. keep on hating we will feed on u r hate.. na kuwatombea wanawake zenu…coz im sure most of them dig bongo flava..Na wewe mr u-r-so-trivial… not every Tanzanian mispronounce r for L.. it’s a shame this is 2009 n still kuna wajinga kama nyie mnaishi..KUMAMAEZENU WASENGE NYIE!!!!

  20. gogo says:

    bongo4eva trivial! childish and immature! Our ladies? kenya is not an ujamaa state we dont own ladies they have independent minds and settle for educated and at times uneducated men! truth be told, your argument is childish heheheheh!

  21. bongo4eva says:

    Now i really know u stuck in the 60’s unatumia maneno kama “ujamaa” my arguments might be childish n immature but thanks “Allah” sina any ounce of hate.. Ndo maana mnauana na mtaendelea kuuana coz of hate n u r tribalism..(n yes i took it there) so keep running u r mouth thinkin u r better than everyone else while we both know the truth..U know wat y im i even wastin my tyme beefin with 2 guys called GOGO (TRANSLATED MAVI) N WANJA…..while kuna vimanzi vyenu that r feelin my swagger (Don’t they all feel the bongo swagga)

  22. gogo says:

    Ok now lets take it there, I see the problem you have is that inferiority complex that all tanzanians suffer from. You think kenyans are out to get you and are a rude complacent bunch! Yada yada yada we have heard all that before from you and i think its getting old! NOW BECAUSE YOU BELONG TO ONE OF THE POOREST, UNDEVELOPED COUNTRIES IN AFRICA WITH ILLITERACY LEVELS THAT RIVAL SOMALIA AND IRAQ IS NOT A KENYAN PROBLEM! We know you feel inferior when around kenyans, ugandans, south africans…..and will always resort to the old “wakenya wanaringa” argument and we dont give a fuck coz its that ujamaa bullcrap in ur heads!

  23. gogo says:


    Country GDP – per capita
    1 Malawi $ 600
    2 Somalia $ 600
    3 Comoros $ 600
    4 Congo, Democratic Republic of the $ 700
    5 Burundi $ 700
    6 Tanzania $ 800
    7 Sierra Leone $ 900
    8 Guinea-Bissau $ 900
    9 Madagascar $ 900
    10 Eritrea $ 1,000
    Source: CIA World Factbook

  24. gogo says:


  25. bongo4eva says:

    HAA HAA HA HAA HAAA…mavi U GOT ME CRACKIN UP!! Im so glad u made those comments za kijinga first of all.. Tanzania doesn’t have one party..the last time Tanzania had one party (ccm) was in 1985 STUPID A-HOLE next time check u r facts b4 opening u r mouth.. n trust me i have been to S.A, E.A n some of the countries in west Africa n despite everythin i wldn’t change my country for NADA… N i would really like to know how they base hizi per capital shit to me those numbers r full of crap. Don’t let me expose u r country fool..mtu unakula usiku hauli tena mpaka the next night… N Hey kuna tofauti ya kuringa na kuwa mjinga pliz keep that in mind..wanigeria wanaringa note the big difference.. anyways y im arguin na mtu ambaye hajawahi hata kufika TANZANIA..IM glad though u made those comments coz now i can really ignore u r ass cos u r not on my level..keepin relyin on those gdp numbers na mtaendelea kuishi kula one meal a day!!!

  26. bongo4eva says:

    Mavi have u ever heard of Chadema, Cuf, Nccr Tdp etc etc..well since u know how to use a computer coz u r ILLITERACY level is high..go google em see how long they have been around..Bottom line is hatred is evil ndo maana mnachinjana so Y r u HATIN MAVI it’s 2009 stop livin in the 80’s can’t we all just get along..Don’t worry lil man nitakuombea MAVI WEWE!!!

  27. Gogo says:

    Point is u have only had one party make the government since independence fool!

  28. Mary Jane says:

    LOL go easy on this Tanzanian gogo! LOL the bongo flava guy should….. ‘ letire’ or is it retire!

  29. bongo4eva says:

    mtaongea sana at the end of the day wanawake wenu wanafeel our swagger n that’s what matters the most kuma mbuzi nyie

  30. gogo says:

    yaani your goal and pride in life is to be accepted by a kenyan woman? hahahaahaha!

  31. Kenyan gal says:

    Yaani you guyz done turned this website into a battle ground!!…. I love bongo flava but it can get annoying after a while for the concept is always the same love despait loneliness…i like Kenyan music cuz its quite diverse. Theres the genge kapuka r&b ….but all this fightin is unnecessary party people.

  32. skeelo says:

    cant download this gon says “file not found”

  33. skeelo says:

    cant download this song says “file not found”. how can i download it?

  34. David says:

    Pliz put your songs kwa waptrick so dat we can download coz they r the best.they make peopple go wild

  35. mary says:

    people should learn to appreciate our locals musician the song is amazing atleast he tried to put somthing different big up

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