Brand New: Mr Blue feat Steve – Tabasamu

Mr Blue
image courtesy of Museke

Mr Blue has been one of those artists in TZ that climbs and drops the charts based on how chics feel about him at the current time. Truthfully when he first came out with that Mapozi track years ago under G Records (am not sure how old he was, he musta been like 13 or 14) he took Tanzania by storm. The whole LL Cool J phenom the licking of the lips and the swagger, the corn rows – I mean the Kid became an icon, a brand – MR BLUE used to wear Blue all day-every day. He was a well packaged product by default that just worked for the Bongo Flava market.

He dropped a couple big tracks, made some cheddar sold mad albums and then just disappeared a little from the music scene. This is some new fire from him that apparently is taking East Africa as a whole by storm. Am not in Tanzania so I cant really tell what the pulse of the song is in the streets, but from what I can hear this is a killer track and definitely a banger. I guess whats left is for you to sample it for yourself…

listen to tabasamu here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:

20 Responses to “Brand New: Mr Blue feat Steve – Tabasamu”

  1. Freddy says:

    Hahahaha Mr. Blue is kinda dissing the Bugz outta kenya. I like his flow tho the otha guyz makes the song dullish….

  2. Freddy says:

    Hey man si u post some Juma nature joints and otha Bongo hiphops? There are a couple of tyt guyz ive been lookin for in vain!!

  3. Mark says:

    There are two types of hit songs: those that grow on you, and those that blow on you at the first listen. This I must say belongs to the latter category. I did not have to give it a second listen…no second guessing. This is mad tight as hell! Something about the chord progression…for those who understand a lil about music, them chords used on this song are one of the few that are almost certain to produce good results as long as you have the right talent to work with. They are the sames ones longombas used in that “Queen” track and i can trace them back to some old skul jam that used to go something like “life..oh life…ohooo life..oh life” (sorry, never ever knew the name of the song…that’s the best I can do)

  4. Dj KillBIll says:

    This track is nice. I couldn’t resist commenting. Have to agree with Mark above. It’s one of those songs u don’t have to listen to twice. It was hot from the first time I heard it.

  5. vwanjala says:

    shit is wack… mbona fala anasound ni kama anashout? and wtf is uh, uh, uh uh uh in the 1st verse? no wonder his b.i.tch is nunaing

  6. lisa says:

    These Tanzanians got you Kenyans beat! He is really not trying too exrta hard to be hip-hop or something of the sort read.. ‘maddtraxx’ he is flowing very well. The video is preety hot! something Kenyans are yet to invest in cuz most of their videos are whack!!!

  7. lisa says:

    Did i mention how that steve dude’s voice is just hot! The kind that puts you to bed!

  8. Mireye byamasu says:

    i love ya .wewe u na jua ku imba na u ko so hoot and sexy boy.if u want any contect with mwe u can send me an

  9. zabibu suzana says:

    naitwa zabibu natakanikupongeze kwa music yako mizuri na mungu akubariki uwendeleye vizuri unajuwa mutungaji wa music hawezikukosa jaribu lakinivumiliya. naichi ulaya mimi na wazanzi wa hote pamoja . mimi na penda sana music yako hendele tu. naichi canada ok goodbye

  10. zabibu suzana says:

    ilove you

  11. zabibu suzana says:

    hoooooooooo mr blue ni mimi zabibu najuwa haunijuwi lakini mimi na kujuwa hata kama naichi ulaya canada nape niku pogeze kwa music mizuri na mungu hakubariki uwendele k ama jisi ulivyo. napenda sana musique yako sana tena sana

  12. zabibu suzana says:

    naitwa zabibu.ilove you

  13. zabibu suzana says:

    zabibu namba yangu ya simu 450 753 7551

  14. zabibu suzana says:

    kwakuogea nami ogea ki swahili kwa sababu mimi ni mcongo mani lakini nime kaaaaaaa tanzaninia miyaka minane kingoma kwawakimbizi. nakupenda kwa sababu una sauti ya kuimba tena yaraha hende leya ivyo utabarikiwa. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nili kuwa napenda kama unipe namba yaaaaasimu yako nitafurai sana ni kiwa na ugeya na wewe kusimu na wewe utafurahi? ilove you nipe namba tu. na mimi nime tuma ya kwangu hapo utaiyona tu ok good bye zabibu suzana canada.kwa mr blue wa tanzania dar es salam lakini sijuwi kama unaichi dar es salam bye bye

  15. arafat makamba says:

    kabaisa wa ukweli sana,,,,,mi nadhani hao vijana wanaochipukia wanaiga 2 kwa kabaisa!!!!!!!!!komaa nao 2 cc wadau wenye akili ze2 2n2kukubali kwa sana tu……big up Babylon

  16. mac dizzle says:

    blu uko juuu brother

  17. derka says:


    I’m from Mayotte a island in the South of Tanzania. i listening blue I noticed that our language is really similar whith mine…

    I look for a site or I little learn more on the singers of RNB as Blue


  18. says:

    ohhh my god
    im so obsessed with mr.blu
    he is like my everything

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