Brand New: Sanaa – Najuta


Okay the last song in this new Music Tuesday will have to be something candid and uplifting. So how about this brand new Sanaa. Now normally people have said I am biased towards Sanaa coz I think she is a cake (trophy chile). Uwongo Mbaya – Sanaa sure enough is a cake but she can also sing, whats intriguing about her she has a tendancy to pick good songs and her swahili is up to my standards of expectations… wai wai..

Clemo blessed this track with some crazy Coastarian sounds and instruments, listen to the accordions and flutes. I spent a lot of my youth time listening to Taarab, and this song captures a few of those elements it almost feels like I am walking down Malindi. This is definitely not a song I would play at a club but you can bet I will be playing it over and over on my ipod. Awesome track – BEAT YA CLEMO!!! (Shorty can sing though, dame anaimba jo!! Anaimba kama Chiriku!! jamani lol)

Enjoy the track …

listen to Najuta here:

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download the track here:

16 Responses to “Brand New: Sanaa – Najuta”

  1. wanjala says:

    eru.a !!!& t98t98v her;grg0g iob robio… oh sorry i fell asleep on the keyboard listening to sanaa, anabore tu sana. beat ya clemo though ni mambo mbaya.

  2. Roddy says:

    All her joints from Calif Records sound better.

  3. Mark says:

    Just checking…does Clemo still record from his mother’s living room? And oh…this girl can sing but I don’t like the song…that’s just me.

  4. Mark says:

    Okay I gave it a second listen and I thought I just had to add this…this song sounds too choir-ish to me. Sounds like those muungano choir things they used to play on that ancient KBC show called “Joy bring us”. And the guy who played the Keyboard did not do the track any justice, esp. at the beginning…I am willing to bet a $100 that the keyboardist has a “churchish” background, most probably those hyper churches where I swear I once thought I saw people dancing ndombolo. Not to say that its a bad thing to sound that way. I’m just trying to place it in the right category in my mind…again, just my thoughts.

  5. Leo Faya says:

    Wanjala .. Thats tooo FUNNY.. I died from your comment..

    eru.a !!!& t98t98v her;grg0g iob robio… oh sorry i fell asleep on the keyboard listening to sanaa

  6. realest says:

    I think the track is deadly. of course the keyboard coulda been better. It’s not as bad as when ogopa completely pulled out a standard oner on the keyboard in swing swing by klepto.

  7. wanjala says:

    Leo.. its true the song is lacking. This is where akina sijui nani need to tell the artists to be creative, not hating on Jomino.
    and who is this comparing sanaa to swing swing? swing swing was the shit

  8. billy o says:

    kwani nyinyi watu muna sikiliza nini. Hi song ni poa sana. its one of the best songs out of kenya todate. hiyo taarau na genge mix ni off the hook.

  9. Mark says:

    I have to agree with realest on that one. “swing swing” is one song who’s hype I just never understood. Maybe it was drilled into people’s heads through constant rotation on them FM stations (I know this can work wonders even for the least talented of artists…how else do you explain Nonini???). But on the other hand, they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Who am I to judge? As long as there are people who feel it…that’s what matters. Lakini I have to say Ogopa Deejays have a REAL tendency to “steal” or “copy” beats (whichever suits you politically)in broad day light. I say broad day-light because unlike other producers, they don’t even try to hide it. And swing swing is a classic example of a stolen beat (sorry I cant seem to remember the name of the song but I know its a reggae/ragga song)

  10. lisa says:

    haha at Joy bringers!! walala this song is down bana!! 2009 yes we can!! new tunes bana

  11. camzxx says:

    LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT…!!!!!!

  12. jackie says:

    haters, this si song is gud, though u hve to listen to it for a while, but i like the second vesre and how it flows into the chorus, the taarab feel is unique, she should market this song in Zanzibar it will be an instant hit..wengi watasema usiku all the haters, but that line is also becoming too much

  13. Wagush says:

    The song is dope but the chorus should not sound the same with that instrument…

  14. thehumbleafrican says:

    Loving this jam sana sana!!!

  15. Jefat says:

    Guys, lets learn to appreciate and promote the local talents. Personally I would rather spend a whole day listening to local music rather than listen to those “crunks” whih contains the “f” word nearly in every sentence and that have have become the in-thing nowadays especially with the youths.Sanaa has really shown us that she still have the voice.The song is just but a hit.

  16. babake says:

    the keyboard guy alilala coz maaybe he didnt know where the letters G O O D are on the keyboard. This song ni tamu saaaaaaaaaana just like Sanaa herself

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