Brand New: Tattu – Solophobia (GetMziki Exclusive)


Ive been dying to post something from TATTU for the last few months but sadly they just never had anything coming out of the Kitchen. So when I got this song I was like SUPER – finally a TATTU song, and whats better than a song blessed by ULOPA ngoma. This track is sick… TRACKWISE – but the TATTU vocals seem slightly challenged (I’ve always thought they were good Jingle singing chics, the whole Ogopa camp at one point just churned out these artists that are good at singing jingles, proudly supported by their electrifying beats, I mean honestly if you took these vocals to a different producer would the track hold the same weight??). Thats just my opinion, either way its a good attempt at getting back at the game.

I have a knack for Kenyans or Africans in general supporting material just because its from their home country. I think its important to say that this track is whack or this track is good. Such brutal facts help build some artists vs encourage others who really shouldn’t be in the studio. There are so many tracks am struggling to publish because frankly they are BIN it tracks – but we will see how it goes. That said, this song to me is about ULOPA really, I don’t get the Solophobia bit nor the whole “Because of you” – its a good attempt but I think Tattu have always been good jingle composers (maybe its this whole English thing that doesnt pandisia me)… I really liked that TESO song (or Mateso) woii oiii para rapa rapa .. damn that was a good jingle… Even that Jua la nyesha song was dope… I liked it… Anyway listen in let me know what y’all think.

listen to Solophobia here:

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download the track here:

7 Responses to “Brand New: Tattu – Solophobia (GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. Museke fan says:

    nice one! is this from a new album? Tatuu built a huge fan base with their Tesso track. Wish them the best

  2. wanjala says:

    eeeiish!! hawa masupa ulisema ukweli, vocals zimewalemea. afathali waache tu kuimba, nina-sky-lookin-ass-girl

  3. Mark says:

    There is nothing wrong with these girls’ vocals in my opinion. THERE IS though, something very wrong with their composition skills. I think they are the type that need songs written for them…like Mercy Myra. I say Mercy Myra because she is the best Kenyan vocalist I know but her songs always missed the mark until she did that “nitapepea kama ndege” track at Ogopa. Don’t quote me, but word has it that it was written for her by some dude who writes (or used to) a lot of the songs that came out of the Ogopa camp, including “Deadly” my nameless. And Leo, maze you are all alone on that “jua lanyesha song”…that song was just plain wack and you are the first person I have met that likes it. What were they trying to say in the song anyway? Enlighten me brother…

  4. lisa says:

    Their vocals still have cobwebs and need some more work. This song i heard was written by Collo of Klepto. Its not bad at all but i have to agree with LEO only because its a Ulopa Ngoma production it made it this far. A good comeback attempt but lets wait and see what else they have cooking for us.

  5. Gitz says:

    There r 3 crutial things mentioned…the vocals, the composition and the production! I give the production 9.9/10 Only because knowing Ulopa he’ll listen to this track again and think I could do this and that…There is no such thing as a perfect production…Am a big fan of Ulopa and once again he has not dissapointed..the composition is a strong 8-9 guys listen to the bridge plus about the lyrics…its clever if u ask me…wen a guy falls for a chic its kawaida for him to be upfront and tell the chic u r killing me mami…u make me go bananas loose my manners what not…but wen a chic falls for a dude…u cant be upfront…so instead of saying u make me go crazy..u twist it up kidogo by being indirect hence “Because of u!” The solophobia is simple…have u ever met a person and thought this is the one and how life without them would simply be unbearable and u’ll end up alone? Solophobia!!!! That said, the vocals…I had a good listen and in my opinion these chic have beautiful voices…what is wrong here is the harmonies…wen the individual voices are showcased in the track they sparkle but together…they clash fortunately this does not carry on for the entire track as it improves…the thing is it starts a bit doggy and leaves u with an impression even until the end! Solution simply get a vocal coach or s’thing and work on blending their beautiful voices!

  6. jigger says:


  7. Caelii says:

    I’m irmpsesed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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