Brand New : Abbas feat Harry Kimani – Murume (Juu ya Laa – GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Today is an exciting day for the GetMziki team, we managed to ink some deals strategically as an organization and as a business. Within the coming months you will start to see a lot more music from Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Senegal.

However one thing is for sure we will definitely have a lot more EXCLUSIVE music from Kenya – straight from the studios, such as this new track from Abbas featuring Harry Kimani.

Truthfully this is the best track I’ve heard the whole year – and I am betting all my sneakers that it will be the biggest/best song of the year. I don’t think this is the type of song you will hear in a club, but its definitely a radio banger, a car cruiser, and a lyrically stimulating TRACK. Harry Kimani blesses the hook with his explosive vocals – and Abbas grinds auto tune combined with some killer production skills. I don’t know who produced this track but the guy is a genius. I feel like I can fly back to Kenya just to sit on this explosive recording session… THIS GETMZICIANS is why this site exists… THANKS for making GOOD Music….


listen to Juu ya Laa here:

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download the track here:

30 Responses to “Brand New : Abbas feat Harry Kimani – Murume (Juu ya Laa – GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. gogo says:

    first man to drop comment niko juu ya laa! wa nigeria wananiita ma broda big tune! NIKO JUUU YA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! different man i hope the stations back home play this!

  2. getmziki says:

    ha ha ha kwani you were just waiting on your Keyboard Gogo.. ha ha ha I cant get enough of this NGOMA… Why lie. Sahii niko juu ya laaa… “Kunywa Coca Cola, Kama bobby Ogola, na camcoder kwa Mkobaaa…”

    Abbas for president… but that producer I think is the GENIUS..

  3. Micwang says:

    dobeez is sick!! illest mc! that shrubbing froow is dope! hahaha on point!

  4. gogo says:

    leo man you on point man! this is sick sick kabisa and you know am a regular here! and still man this kind of things make this site ill! big up leo! But back to the mziki that soul it has just maddens me and abbas takes it all the way man! let me burn my cds before i head kazini!

  5. bryo says:

    wat the f&#% this what i have been asking around finally, hii ngoma nimeweka repeat hehehe hii ni kipindi cha lala salama…iwe imara kama simba marara!!! ths sng is too much noma sana

  6. Roddy says:

    Y’all finally put it up, Since i noticed some people check my comments from the past, this record was one of them from earlier this year. The title is actually “Murume” on the upcoming Mchanjama LP. Best record alongside “Get Down” that i’ve heard so far

  7. UTAKEDJs says:

    Dobeez is the illest MC in kenya right now.

  8. Leo Faya says:


    So are you saying this track is called Murume?

  9. Jafeni says:

    Hats off kabisa wish most kenyan artists would think outside the box like Doobiez and take the risk of bieng different. The track is on heavy rotation all over Nairobi currently.

  10. Jafeni says:

    Yea Leo the track is called Murume and get a million rhymes from Doobiez. Sick, Sick, Sick all the way. Big up the GetMziki team am totally hooked on this site.

  11. Roddy says:

    Leo the record is called Murume, Jafeni the A Milli freestlye going @ the government is sick. One thing i have to mention that don’t know if this is really a smart move or not but Abbas has got like Seven records out on rotation off the album and it still hasn’t dropped or he wants to do it like the way Necessary Noize did their first album where they had 10 records on local radio before NN dropped

  12. […] inspired week, I have had this song for a while but I didnt think much about it in comparison to Juu ya Laa (Murume) however looking through the comments on that post – I think its only right that I share it […]

  13. kabugi says:

    i’m with you on that Roddy but i have to up your comment and say that ‘GET DOWN’ is by far the illest track on his album and anywhere else that matters. This track is good, GET DOWN is better. Wee Abbas salimia Mboteka wherever he’s at.

  14. jafeni karanja says:

    @ Rody I think it is as any business minded person with a good business plan, you should create a buzz for your products and services. There is alot of hype sorrounding Abbas right now. The beef with Jua Cali and all this great songs perfect time to drop an album maybe April thats just my two cents.

  15. getmziki says:

    I gotta agree partially with both Jafeni & Roddy… //

    1. Any sensible artist needs to know that if you are not relevant you dont exist. Relevancy is all about material, and material is not worth anything if its not being circulated. We currently play a small role for these artists outside Kenya but Radio ofcourse puts their talents on the map. But I would say – its not such a bad thing to have about 4 songs on rotation even before your album comes out, especially because we know album sales in Kenya are a joke – If I was an artists I personally would bootleg all my shit so that I can get more perfomance contracts and shows across the GLOBE. To me the equation is simple. More music being sampled and shared, means the more hype I am getting the more hype I am getting the more my relevancy increases and the more people will want to see me personally.

    2. On the flip side, bootlegging your shit doesnt always mean you will be successful without a plan. Artists in kenya I think never have an implementation plan or a penetration plan. Like you see an artists record a single just so that he can be famous, but he doest really have a goal to record an album. I think this is both a good and a bad thing… but the reality is that Kenyan/ East African music has been dominated by singles. Personally I blame OGOPA 🙂 As much as they were geniuses in their time – I think Ogopa saw the market of building individual artists as a waste a long time ago. so they focused on making compilation albums… that was ingenious but also killed the album market for Kenya for LIFE.

    Thats just my take… // Thanks for your comments and feedback. What happened to Kenyanised??? and Gentlemanly???

  16. Roddy says:

    I appreciate all the responses, what i didn’t take into consideration is the kenyan music scene interms of record sales compared to International artist. Reason why i mentioned the Necesarry Noize LP is, i was @ Buru Shoppe and there was a dude who was selling the bootleg for 70 bob. My friend got upset and told him he could get virtually the entire album if he listened to the FM radio stations in Primetime. Hope Abass record does well and is even better than the first. Speaking of Ogopa, Kenzo was on Ghetto radio yesterday and he mentioned that what he liked about Ogopa is once you sign with them, you record 5 records off the bat to keep you relevant. One artist that i do like from that stable is Avril, she did a song called “MAMA” which has 2 versions. The first one is better…Pamoja Jo

  17. Jafeni says:

    @ Leo guess it all boils down to the way and artist packages his/ herself as a brand. Case in point Kanji Mbugua. Kanji works hard, delivers on stage, has quality music and there is a buzz around him. Every month he holds “Live at the village at the carnivore”. Word on the street is that his album launch expenditure was over 2 million bob. I attended the launch and in all fairness i didn’t feel ripped off it was worth every penny. So i guess all Kenyan?/ East African musicians should repackage themselves look at our Nigerian Brodas.

  18. Xcel says:

    Naw , i’ma have to disagree with ya’ll about ‘get down’ being hotter than this…this is just hot damn!!, i can respect abbas’ grind. I agree though that he really needs to drop the record ASAP.

  19. lisa says:

    This guy just might be the best rapper we have in Kenya! What!…

  20. getmziki says:


    Does anyone know who produced this track? This sounds like a hiram track? nani ako na nare to shed some light on the production of this track….

  21. Dan says:

    Leo, the name of the track is “Murume”

  22. irush says:

    kuna barlindi vaa furlana…abass is sick…mchanjama inaanguka lini

  23. Harry Moorer says:

    Abbas you a real beast, not to many cats messing with you in the states let alone Kenya. Kimani you already know, you lend your voice to anything and it instantaneously becomes that much better. From California USA nothing but love for ya’ll cats.

  24. southc12 says:

    Ever since K-south days never heard dude spit a wack verse…
    this dude is too creative n talented !!!!
    the chappa song was hot despite the lack of lyricism but he came back hard with song he had with c-zar

  25. Mzeeiya says:

    How do I download this track?

  26. wakinuthia says:

    Abbass Kubaff

  27. ken says:

    wah wah wah!!!! This is one sick track. Mambo bad!

  28. 5Digitz says:

    No doubt Abbas Kubaff you’re one of Kenya’s G.O.A.T….. 2014 and I’m still bumping to ur music BIGUP!!!…… Lala salama…..

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