Brand New: Kaulaz – Malaika (Joint ya Chava & GetMziki Exclusive**)

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That AUTO TUNE has been busy since T-Pain first blessed the production scene with it. It seems the Auto tune is busy in East and West Africa right now in a big way. This is Vyba killing it on this track, personally I dont feel the song, but other cats on the GetMziki Team have been up in arms about the track and I have been sitting on the track trying to fall in love with it but wapi!

I am not sure what I don’t like, the beat is phat – of course si ni joint ya Chava. But the delivery could be different or could’ve been better. Thats just my opinion. This is such a bubble gum song I guess thats whats so ordinary for me. But again like I said there are guys in my team who love this song and have been talking about it since Chava sent it over.

Let me know what y’all think. Kaulaz is an okay artists but on this track I think the delivery wasn’t satisfying.

listen to Malaika here:

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download the track here:

12 Responses to “Brand New: Kaulaz – Malaika (Joint ya Chava & GetMziki Exclusive**)”

  1. Kenyangal says:

    Love the song and that’s why it’s so unfortunate that I’m unable to download it. from firefox, once clicked it starts like it’s trying to download then nothing happens, from IE it just opens a new blank page, and from my phone, I get an error message, “incorrect server”. Can you kindly sort this out so that the song is downloadable.

    Otherwise, did anyone else manage to download the song?

  2. pope says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz whack!

  3. Roddy says:

    Sijui, the beat started off mellow then did a total 360 and went Kapuka(The old Ogopa Dj Style) all the way. Chava has good joints in general and this is not one of them IMO. BTW id like to ask the massive if they’ve heard the Joint by Vintyqueezy (Not sure of the Spelling) and Vyba called Kamares. Coz most of the Kenyans who were at the sevens tournament that was in San Diego a while back claimed that “Kamares” is the record of the year so far…Just asking


  4. Realest says:

    wak!!!This track is wak! Sounds like soca. And that ain’t cool at all.Joint ya chava since jiachilie have been disappointing.

  5. Nonana says:

    Just discovered this site. I realize this song has a very unique reaction, not only here but among my friends too…EXTREME. Either you plain do not like it or you absolutely fall in love with it. Personally I digg it and to me its like nothing I have heard from Kenya. Most of my friends who don’t like it site the whole “socca” theme as the main reason, which is understandable coz it is a relatively unfamiliar style to many East Africans. I think this Chava guy was onto something here and i applaud him for the venturing out to unfamiliar waters. BIG THUMBS UP!!!

  6. Mark says:

    Leo again I thank you for not imposing your strict (sometimes weird) taste on we the getmziki followers. Because if you did then maybe this song would never have made it here and I would never have added a classic to my i-pod play list. I have never really cared too much for this whole Joint ya Chava phenomenon but I gotta give it up for them on this one…CLASSIC. Its about time kenyan artists started doing some serious singing and slow down kiasi on the chants. I am now an official fan of…wait…who is the artist again?

  7. lisa says:

    Finally this Jerzey folks are getting some attention.Piga picha remains my fav song from chava n crew. Still searching for this Kamares song….mad that they dont get play on Kenyan radio!

  8. Deeblo says:


  9. Big Boss. says:

    Well i love the song but what i hate is ppl who have frog like voices en can not sing hata kidogo have their voices up trying 2 put down thiz young guyz kwa inda. its very crude of em en i really hurumia hao. well if u think u can do better go sing en bring ur song hapa tuskie. As for KAULAZ, keep up the gud jobo boss. Chava i love ur prod.

  10. yo!!!!this song is hot—CHAVA U KILLIN EM___

  11. kadogo says:

    whats up with da link cannot download HELP lol I love this song

  12. Ian Realest says:

    So disappointed. This sounds like soca. OMG….please…as soon as the beat dropped, I turned a deaf ear.

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