K Shaka Feat Saigon – Hakuna Case (GetMziki Exclusive)


Ok, When I fist got this song the title read “K-Shaka – Hakuna Case” and I was like, a new Kalamashaka song Whoaaa!!. On the first listen I heard Saigon on the first verse (with some small editing ) then the K Shaka crew doing thier thing . So K-Shaka Feat Saigon on a track. Can it get any better!!!. Just by putting straight lyrical artists from 2 continents on the same track makes the song a street classic. This is a song that I consider a street song (Unless they have a clean version out there), that will definitely find a spot on many K Shaka’s and Saigon’s fans cd players. This is definitely big for K-Shaka since I heard they have a new album coming out in 2009 and this song opens up more and better world wide opportunities for them especially with Saigon on the track. “Greatest Story Never Told” !!!!!

listen to Hakuna Case here :

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Download the song here:

7 Responses to “K Shaka Feat Saigon – Hakuna Case (GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. Xcel says:

    pretty dope track, I agree with it being street single,….Kama set it off well, Vigeti is pretty much the best MC in KE so he always comes correct. It seems ken ring is going all out for their release. Is the album name still ‘Jamhuri Day’?

  2. djdona says:

    Hey Chizienomah

    I believe they used the same beat and Saigons first verse. I don’t know which version is the original. Maybe someone out there can give us some more info???


  3. Xcel says:

    i think used Saigon’s verse and beat due to Ken rings affiliation with beatmaker,

  4. Roddy says:

    I remember the concert on the photo, Benson & Hedges promo. Those were the days of wearing FUNDI FRANK. LOL

  5. Djalminha says:

    quality speaks for itself !

  6. myke says:

    Howeva much i wud like to hate this track coz its not a tru kenyan style, i jst cant help liking it

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