Mozey Radio & Weasle Manizle – Zuena


No one on the Internet seems to get the spelling or the artists names of these two correct, I doubt if I will be able to do justice to them but I am sure their music will speak for them. Funny enough DJ Dona just posted a track that features Weasle so I guess it will be Uganda week up in here.

This track has been out for a while, there are two or three different versions of which I am not sure which one was the key album track but the second variation (which I have attached) seems to be a remix off the P-Square (one like you). Both versions are sick – I am almost compelled to say that Mozey and Weasle are going to give P-Square some true competition – Coz lets face it these cats can sing no matter how you look at it. I am really feeling this dancehall – reggae – upbeat patois (Uganda – or Luganda) uptake on music. Its a whole new level of flava. Ugandans have embraced swahili in such a big way. Its such a super formula to make sure all their music penetrates the 3 markets in the region (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).

Ill keep my ears open for more from this duo, so far am loving every tune they have – I will share more tracks as the weeks go by. Enjoy!

Listen to Zuwena here:

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Download the song here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video:

13 Responses to “Mozey Radio & Weasle Manizle – Zuena”

  1. lisa says:

    wow! tru that we never hear anything about Ugandan music. Bongo flava has been forced down our throats its starting to leave an aftertaste. This is my new jam even tho they cuda used a better Zuena..but then again this is Uganda were talkin about if u know wat i mean..Love this song!

  2. Ssekubunga Richard says:

    Hey Gudlyfe Crew yo storming us with yo lyrics! Yo guys yo rocking.Mozey Radio could u pliz bless us with yo melodious Voice alongside Julianna Kanyomozi coz we do enjoy yo nice voices.Gudlyfe for Lyfe!

  3. chwez says:

    thumbs up guys!

  4. Luis eticus says:

    Hi guys, I have interest in sing I would like to join the goodlyfe crew.How about that.Am just 14 years old.I pickd interest in sing because of your song”lwaki onumya”

  5. Mark says:

    cant download the mp3. . .keeps wanting to play in the browser. . .

    • getmziki says:

      When it plays on your browser – go to your browser file, and hit save page as – it should allow you to save page as MP3 (since essentially you only have the MP3 playing on the browser…) Or systematically right click the file and hit save target as.. and select a preferred location on your computer to save the file at.

  6. Locom says:

    this is that fire!dope song..
    check out this Facebook app that lets you rep your mtaa

  7. […] Ugandan Radio and Weasel on the site before and this is one of the many additions. Check out the first post we had about their hit track Zuena. Here is an excerpt from Leo when he posted the Zuena song. […]


  9. ryan pennant says:

    yeah i really liked the track guyz keep it up

  10. ronnie says:

    hey Radio and weezie, i love your music…can i join the goodlyfe crew if you dont mind?

  11. Guys,you do no exist.
    I really like your hits.
    Pliz big up.
    +250 788446700

  12. mastula says:

    hello sweat babies pliz just continue the way you’re doing your things men. we appriciate,big up to u all and all the good life members. leave alone all the katala’s am meaning bebe

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