Brand New: Rabbit feat Oddinary – Jam Nakam (Get Mziki New Artists Review)

I think this track has been out for a while but we will profile it as if its a new joint. mainly because we have never featured any of these artists on GetMziki ever. It took me a while to figure out the title of the track when the track was sent to me. JAM NA KAM I think the track was supposed to be Niko kwa Jam na come (Am in traffic I am coming through). I think that has to be the worst title track ever.

Regardless its an interesting track, I am conflicted about the vocal prowess of the crew although one of the dudes sound like the guy from Crazy (walanguzi), but am not sure. Either way I think Its just an okay song, its not anything I would put on my ipod but I am sure there are some guys here who will actually break bread for this track. DJ Wise and Sneed are behind this production, enuff said from me before I maul this track totally… 🙂

listen to nakam here:

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download track here:

watch the video here:

7 Responses to “Brand New: Rabbit feat Oddinary – Jam Nakam (Get Mziki New Artists Review)”

  1. mqenya says:

    oke, I tegead like dakika kadhaa nikidhani itanikwachu lakini zii. sio eti am totally dismissing the track, its just that after kukatikia rush hour, this ka joint just aint doin’ it. as for me, I think its safe to say its written off. Kapput

  2. Roddy says:

    Leo, ur right the record has been out for a while now, the second single “DODOMA” with Harry Kimani is really good. Tales of Kaka Sungura out this year

  3. Keviny says:

    That jam nakam song is cool, thats all i can tel ya’ll now

  4. Kyalo Kyalo says:

    Relax, nijam nakam!

  5. james says:

    this rabbit dude isnt good the way he think he is, he cant beat, rap heavy weight like abbas, chiwawa, k-shaka, Nyash Collo, etc
    he has long way to go,
    so as to what he said in today’s Sunday Nation paper, (buzz) he need to chill, all hes looking for is limelight,

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