Sauti Sol: Mushivala & Bonus Lazizi Video

Sauti Sol

There has been some backlash on the site for the last few days about some of the few posts on the site and general biases with regards to certain artists. I hope this post doesn’t seem to be one of those that you feel I am forcing down your throats 🙂 The fact of the matter from my perspective is if anyone is sleeping on Sauti Sol then they are missing out on one of the MOST talented groups in kenya right now. I dont see how Sony signed the choir that sang at Obamas inauguration ceremony and didnt think to go back to Kenya to look for talents such as these?

A few months ago we helped promote Sauti Sol before their album dropped – we debuted their hit track Lazizi, which they just released the video to. I love it. I cant lie. Story finished. These cats make me love Kenya each day – and they almost make me want to be a Luhya… Lunje has never sounded so sexy… Papa Shirandula style. So as I post this video for you guys to enjoy, I am thugging another song off the album that I like also called Mushivala…. That Luhya jama really blows (sings his heart out). I only wish I could hear Luhya – there is some exotic shit about this track… Mushivala ndivonyene… or whatever he says.

So apparently the song is about how the jama is alone in this world or something.. can some real Luhyas translate?

listen to Mushivala here:

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download the track here:

Watch the Video to Lazizi – (Excellent job Wawesh btw… very good video)

10 Responses to “Sauti Sol: Mushivala & Bonus Lazizi Video”

  1. gogo says:

    okay okay okay ! LEO your name should be carved in stone for this! This is an amazing song!!! Mushivala! am luhya but i dont speak luhya but will definitely be hitting up my dad to get line by line translation! i love this to death ! Sauti Lol and Just A band including Yunasi are definitely the best and the vid for lazizi is awwwwwww!

  2. Xcel says:

    This group deserves all the props they get, the album is amazing and this track is on of the stand outs. Sauti Sol is for the kiddies!

  3. tyrese says:

    keep up the gud work. Its the most tamu song I’ve heard so far. Sasa naomba mnipe namba zenyu niwavutie waya:)

  4. Goosebumps!goosebumps!The mst butifl voices av heard in the longest time.LUVIN YO MUZIQ!

  5. wakinuthia says:

    the whole album ni noma…hawa majamaa are true to what they penda.yani all the jamaas can sing na guitar skills za Polycarp ni amazing..the cd is a must have

  6. beema says:

    I saw this guys perform on Saturday at a jazz festival at the Museum and they were simply fantastic!!! Definitely one for the future

  7. Janet says:

    It’s Mushivala ndi wonyene! Love it. where can I get the whole CD?

  8. Kimathi says:

    The track iz amazing you guyz!the creativity, the vocals…great n big ups my brothaz!

  9. patience thiriku says:

    this song brings tears to my eyes and i aint the emotional type…i assure you.i love did kenyans proud and you have proven to us that the kenyan styles should not neccesarily be the shady style,as some have made us think through their shady muziq.great job

  10. gracious2 says:

    Just plain BEAUTIFUL!

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