Sauti Sol on Reuters

Normally we dont post news articles or videos fuwaaaa!! but I think its worth noting that Sauti Sol is going places. I am still slightly confliced with the genre term, Afro Soul, Afro neo soul, Kenyan Urban Soul – GetMziki came up with Rythm & Zouk which we think fits well within these types of music genre.

However this video from Reuters does enough justice to this music group that we have been featuring and bickering about that everyone check em out and buy yourself an album. Currently through Getmziki we have been able to push almost 30 request for the album. feel free to hit us up for a copy, whether you are in the US or in Kenya – Penya Records has services across the globe with various partnerships.


Watch the Video here: (for Sauti Sol music use the search tool to find their features on the site)

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  1. 254 says:

    Glad someones getting recognized, i differ in naming them Rythm & Zouk because, those are American & Carribean type of Genres, so why not brand name Kenyan way, like “Mizuka” music, becoz all this is new and refreshing. just a thought…

  2. wanjala says:

    ayo leo, manze umestedi na hawa maboy sijui walikupatianga nini. personally i don’t like it. si ati ngoma si poa, kuna vile tu hainipandisii.
    ngoma ka blue za sautisol kwa mwezi moja!!! eh!! sijui niseme

  3. wakinuthia says:

    These guys are up to a good start…i have the album na it’s different from alot of music from East Africa. Album ni kali a subtle acoustic sound na storytelling. Wish them success

  4. Leo Faya says:

    Ha ha ha Wanjala…

    Mbuyu kama wasee wamenyonji Wamenyoji.. live live .. hakuna vile nita sleki na ma news kibao ziko… Ati nimestedi nao.. Wasee ndio wame stedi.. inabidi ..

    LOL… Wanjala itabaki ume tafuta Manzi.. umuimbie Lazizi mbuyu.. kuna vile…

  5. zykes says:

    hey wsup guys? where can we get there album? please assist

  6. lisa says:

    I concur with 254 they should come up with a new genre for this music but i think afro fusion fits well. Great news that they are gettin some exposure that they well deserve..not to discriminate but that Baraza guy can sure hit em notes.. i managed to cop me the album!!….now this is what we call music for the soul..

  7. SAUTI YA SOL-have a real and unique style..... says:

    Difference between Sauti Ya Sol and the rest “afro-neo musicians” (including ,kaz and Atemi)is they are all “pro- western”(at times it sounds forced African-fusion of vocals and instruments) on their is not unique—then Sauti Ya Sol walk in…. real, average guys singing with that natural unpolished, un-imitated, honest style—the real African style and accent….they are the new face of REAL African music….Eric Wanaina cracked the door…Sauti Ya Sol fully opened that door….!
    Finally tim rinjiu-the guy has been in the industry for more than 10 yrs as a producer and he goes live giving false information as to why Atemi has an advantage than the rest-“she has stage experience and has been in business longer”Tim we are not deaf or blind…lol….yeah she has an advantage..Money and connections as for the rest…..use the pitch on non-kenyans!

  8. Crystal says:

    Absolutely fabulous music!!! Sauti Sol rocks my world!!!!

  9. Mwaura says:


  10. slynjeri says:

    lovely vocals man. i’m definitely feeling sauti sol’s music. how do we get their album in the states?

  11. I realise that this is a super belated response, but if you haven’t found out where to get the album, you can buy it online on itunes, here’s the link

  12. grace says:

    I love ur music guys, its really on top n rocks ma world always

  13. kinuthia says:

    If somethin is worth the props then accord it the deserved respect. these shit is serious, unique in its own way and a new page to the music industry. i love it. it unveils the new face of the music genre which is dynamic and in this case promising. the past two years are the best if i must say since e-sir passed on. give it up haters

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