Kambua – Ngoma Tucheze


The 2009 Groove awards take place tomorrow, Saturday 2nd May 2009 and one of the artist nominated for best female artist of the year is the talented Kambua.

Updates: Kambua is the 2009 female artist of the year in the just concluded Groove awards. Congratulations!!!!!!

Kambua has been in the Kenyan music scene for a while now with music hits like Amani, Watu wote, Nishikie, Nyumbani, Naliliya hewo and many more plus tons of work from advertisements on the radio and TV. The Groove awards are Kenya’s premiere gospel awards show that showcase and reward artists for their hard work and talent

The Kenyan Gospel music scene is really vast and so talented, to a point where mainstream media houses are incorporating gospel shows and songs on their playlists, which speaks volumes of the talent and the quality of music. I know some people will debate on where to “place” certain songs, but good music is good music regardless of the target audience or “category”. This is not a new song and we will be showcasing some of the winners and the nominees in the Groove awards next week. Enjoy Ngoma Tucheze by Kambua!!!!!

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2 Responses to “Kambua – Ngoma Tucheze”

  1. kimgitz says:

    I’m completely amazed how well Gospel music is doing. Kenya has come far…That groove award is how many yrs old and for them to put up such a great event this yr…Kudos!!!
    Now Kambua might have managed to get me to go to church this week, the vocals and lyrics just go through me! …..

    Ngoma tucheze…firibi na zeze, tupige vigelegele!

  2. Dan Kabiru says:

    Kambua kudoz, you do worship that make one wish that the week was one big worship sunday. God bless and anoint you as you continue serving him in this outrageous society

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