Streets Are Mine: Part 3. KE/TZ/UG/NG Music


Streets are Mine is a street album series showcasing music from KE/TZ/UG/NG that are making rounds in the clubs, radio and the streets . On this latest project, working with Dan Mixa we did a lot of research, took various requests from people, and the final product was a song catalog from different artists and genres. We also showcased some of the gospel songs that are bangers in the clubs and added a couple of songs from various upcoming artists that are working hard in perfecting their craft but do not necessarily have a medium outlet to showcase their music. I will be showcasing some of the individual songs here at GetMziki in the next few weeks. Any requests for what songs I should showcase first?? Enjoy!!!!!


1. Dj Dan Mixa/Dj Dona Intro
2. P-Unit – Rush Hour (KE)
3. Zaidi Ya Muziki – Fundi Wa Mbao (KE)
4. Rugged Man- Banging (NG)
5. Duncan Almighty Feat Bomba Crack – Ijeoma (NG)
6. Syd Feat Bobby Mapesa- Uta do (KE)
7. ROP Feat Jua Cali – Jipe Shugli (KE)
8. Wernono -Wernono Anthem (Remix) (KE)
9. Q-TAC and Alahola – Ocha
10 Joslin – Natamani (TZ)
11. Ki Lon Feat 9ice – Obesere (NG)
12. Michelle – Out Tonight (KE)
13. Choku and Rat a Tat – Vitu Mi na Lyke (KE)
14. Issac Blackman- Ceiling (TTO)
15. Shake – Nataka Chali Real (KE)
16. Mic Worx Feat Ill Bliss – Fall of I Rise of Many (NG)
17. Fisherman – Isabella
18. Joslin feat Lady JD- Umewezaje (TZ)
19. Kizo B – Ulinibeep (KE)
20. 2K – PSA (KE)
21. Mr Blue – Make It Rain (TZ)
22. Gravity – KemiKali Kali (KE)
23. Jeff Flow – Destiny (KE)
24. MC Patow- We Don’t Play (KE)
25. Daddy Owen Feat Dunco – Watoto (KE)
26. Maximum Melodies – Emmanueli (KE)
27. M.O.G- Let Him Go (remix) (KE)
28. Jimwat – Fall in Love (KE)
29. Chameleon feat AK47 – Bayuda (UG)
30. Lobo Feat Ken Razy and UB – Fuata Ndoto Yako (KE)
31. Juliani- Biceps (KE)
32. Abbas and Harry Kimani – Murume (KE)
33. Klepto Feat Scar – Baby Come Closer (KE)
34. E-Vik & V6 – Don’t Take it Personal (KE)
35. Juju – Mimi ni Hustler (KE)
36. Jayels Family – Kigalis Finest (RW)
37. Ali B feat Nyota Ndogo – Ni wangu (KE/TZ)
38. Nameless Feat Habida – Sunshine (KE)
39. Mwasiti – I Love you (TZ)
40. Abbas – Get Down (KE)
41. STL- She Got It (KE)
42. AY- Leo (TZ)

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6 Responses to “Streets Are Mine: Part 3. KE/TZ/UG/NG Music”

  1. 2K says:

    ooooooooooh sh*t…i am totally humbled 2 have been part of this mixtape…as a fan who is logging on 2 every day 2 saz out new music, i never thought that my song would ever b up on 1 of these pages…when Dj Dona approached me 4 this mixtape, i was happy just 2 be considered…but i never thought he would actually use my track…so when he told me that PSA would b on the mixtape, i was in flight school…this was a solid mixtape n i loved all the tracks involved,kwanza za gospel…shukran sana 2 Dj Dona n Dj Dan Mixa…n shukran 2 all my fans,haters n critics…wazi jo…anyway, for anyone interested in more 2K music, check me out on…or…or…ISHIKE…1 love 2 getmziki…leo n ’em…RESPECT

  2. 2K says:

    oops…just realised that i messed up kwenye my previous post…this technology wil be the end of us all…just a correction of my sites… and and…stop by n say wassup….RESPECT

  3. Janet says:

    really nice mix guys!!!!!. Keep up the good work.
    Can you showcase Jimwats song Fall in love. Love that Song!!!!!

  4. Tabby says:

    Ooooh…my man Dan Mixa has done it!! I’ve seen him showcase brand new jamz whenever he is playing at Qz and other clubs.He’s collaboed with the king of mixtapes DJ Dona!! Well done guyz. When is part 4 out? Am really lookin forward to it. Chiao

  5. Jere says:

    Hii mix ni noma. Dona’s mixes always keep me in tune with the latest music from home. Much love from your fan huku Canada

  6. piter says:

    gd job bt i like kizo b,,,,song

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