Historians – Bouje (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


We have never posted a Historians song on this site ever. Funny enough I used to like these cats back in the day – they had that “Hey DJ” song a while back that featured all these Mash Auto cars. The song was pretty cool, the video was even cooler, that is until I saw the same cars on Bamboos video and a couple of other videos and then I hated the song… 🙂

Historians haven’t really done much as far as I can tell, but whenever Ogopa has blessed them with a beat they always tend to kill it. Am also glad that one dude cut off his dreads, they weren’t really a good look. he also seems to have cut some weight – honestly I know this has nothing to do with anything but you gotta admit the Historians are looking sharp and well groomed on that video. Not that they didn’t before but am just saying… Anyway I digress.

Overall I like this track, it sucks that I couldn’t get any quality images of the group anywhere on the internet. The Ogopa website seems to be under construction. I also hope this song is not supposed to be “Bourgeois” many people never know how to spell that word. a chile who is boujee (bourgeois) flossy flossy… he he he … the pronounciation is boujiii but its spelled – bourgeois … Anyway let me chill out, enjoy this exclusive track …

listen to bouje here:

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download the track here:

right click and hit save target as – Historians Bouje

watch the video here:

13 Responses to “Historians – Bouje (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. getmziki says:

    I cant lie am still cracking myself up from that Boujee Boujee title track I am sure this song was to be titled ‘bourgeois’ but am sure very few would gitch what it means.

    I also noticed this track probably has 4 bars per verse – ha ha ha, you know I love Ogopa but why is it so many of these types of artist make jingles. Like this is a cool song I really wanted to hear what else these guys did to impress the chile, but just before they get into all these things they have done to impress the chic – the verse is over and the chorus takes over… I want to count the number of times they say Bouje Bouje Bouje – amnichanganya… if that number is greater than 30 then this song is actually a Jingle… live live.

    I think in my childhood the most a Chile has made me do is borrow a pair of sneakers to go mushine huko yaya center or Luna park to floss Floss.. haki chiles have made guys do some crazy things.. Steal motis, jump the fence, borrow “clad” (ma baseball tops) baseball caps… Useless and all for what!!! eeeh Wajameni…

    Someone should make a song for all the single GUYS!!!

    Sijui niseme!

  2. Locom says:

    At first I thought they were singing in french cause I thought they were saying “bouge avec sa” which would mean “moving with her” or “dancing with her”. But then the lyrics say other wise. But LOL at 4 bars per verse…so true.

    Anyway I’m not feeling this track roho safi

  3. Lisa says:

    Same here! i thought they were speakin francaise too… “bourgie” or boujee as they call it.. is a hood term for Black folks that try not to act like negroes basically with a little touch of class lol. Youtube Chris rock niggas vs blackfolks for further explaination
    Well i was waiting to see and hear how bourgie this chic was but all they kept saying was boujee boujee boujee?? Next!

  4. bryo says:

    ths song will b a club banger coz its catchy n a sing along wait u see the bourgeois bourgeois mamas in the club singin along 2 dis coz of the few verses! ama?

  5. nice beats right there but wtf is ‘bouje avecsa’…would give the track 2.5/5.lmfao

  6. wakinuthia says:

    Alexa ingefaa kuliko Avec Sa! And Ogopa have a thing for the accordion ama! Ngoma zao zote have it!!!! Nice song though!

  7. nguye says:

    do they also sing ‘Ocha’. check out capital fms top ten list they’ve been voted no.1 for weeks now. good stuff

  8. kinuthia says:

    a shame the video is not on eatv while the song is already big on tz radio.thats where artistes fail.this is ea market u missing….tell ogopa pliz coz they even dont have contacts on their site.

  9. DJ 254 says:

    the beats are quite on da same level with their older trax, hey dj, n heoi. not feelin it, as 4 bein a club banger, who gonna dance 2 such a slow song?

  10. QTB says:

    wajichunge na huyu damme nakatia juu utafanya vitu huwezi fanya.i use to this song on my stereo uuuuuuuuuuuuui this is hot

  11. Mr. Majani says:

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  12. Mr. Majani says:

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  13. dj freddie reddie says:

    nice club joint — dude you dont have to sweat to apreciate a club banger !

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