Juju Feat Kynami – Mimi Ndio Hustler


Many Kenyan artists based overseas have been hitting me up with their music either to showcase on GetMziki or have them on my street albums, so I will try and post some of the songs in the next coming weeks, just to give them a platform to be heard and get the necessary feedback from people. Juju is a Kenyan artist based in Kansas City and has been grinding for a minute juggling in party promotions and doing the music thing. He gave me this street single a couple of months ago and I was really impressed with the song. Its one of those catchy street songs that you’ll find yourself singing to, especially when you need to get pumped up either when getting ready to go to the clubs, hit the highway for some road trip or when going out for a soccer game. The song features Kynami who has been featured on GetMziki before and who together with Juju make up the group K-Locs. If they keep on with thier constant grind and hitting people with good consistent quality music, K-Locs are on thier way to going places. Enjoy!!!

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14 Responses to “Juju Feat Kynami – Mimi Ndio Hustler”

  1. This is a good example of the direction Kenyan artists in the diaspora are taking.Fans abroad are requesting better quality music and the artists seems to be delivering.

  2. voste says:

    haha- ah haha were this guys [wacko] when they hit the studio… I mean a we this desperate for fame? [puzzled]…..now I understand what they mean when they say hip hop is dead [cry2]…but it won’t be dead for long [badboy]….Kenya watch this space-
    As for juju and kyami [thumbs_down]..dude cmmon give us music we can [music] to then we will [bow] and give you [thumbs_up].Sorry guys.

  3. kamwana says:

    uko ndani ya rental tena floss.thats tight line for wannabes.5stars straight

  4. Xcel says:

    This pretty bad, beat is generic, concept has been beaten down to death….and that hook is ass cheeks. Vid is shot well though.

  5. The.Hanyeé says:

    LOL! That furcoat is a PETA attack waiting to happen!!

    The track..I want that 5mins of my life back..

  6. Lisa says:

    Quit with the hateration this is why we cant progress musically. This is probably his first track theres always room for improvement.
    But then…..DEAD!!@ the ostrich fur coat and PETA comment lmao! Alafu the fake Jesus piece…u cannot be swagga jackin all the time Kenyan artists..come up with ur own style i would advice! E for effort!

  7. babbz says:

    btw, its KNAMI n not kynami. don’t hate…these r wasanii trying to imprint a name on the music scene. yani all kenyans want to hear is benga ama wat?wtf? hip hop is AFRICAN BORN.
    big ups JUJU. wacha waseme

  8. Locom says:

    All the corniness aside, this track is aiight. I’d give it a 6/10. Beat is hot, vid is hot, and dude has some hilarious lyrics “usilete beef mi ni vegeterian, ukitaka ng’ombe chinja za kiserian” LOL

    I’d bump this in my moti

  9. getmziki says:

    Am still tripping off that PETA comment!! ha ha ha for realz that FUR coat or MINK coat whichever is a PETA case waiting to happen.

    The track is average for me – its okay the hook needs to change too generic, and the production is just standard nothing phenomenal to write home too…

    But that PETA statement damn man.. ha ha ha nime cheka sana..

    For guys who don’t know who PETA are – http://www.peta.org/

  10. Lisa says:

    Dont think anyone that doesnt already know of PETA can get the peta joke> That was almost a CLASSIC!!. Been laughin my ass off for three days straight!!! hahahah

  11. The.Hanyeé says:

    LOL @ Lisa – E for Effort?? Hehehe…

  12. Ciiku says:


    Track = Wack! There is no ifs, maybes or “first track” excuse…
    Seriously… That was horrible.

  13. KAYDEE says:

    Rated G. B(Get bizzy) I like the concept -kaydee lethal!

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