Prince Zimboo – Lightswitch

I just had to do a post on Prince Zimboo – the story is that Prince Zimboo is from somewhere in Africa has 999 wives and is traveling the world to find wife¬† 1000. But Prince Zimboo really is an alter ego of the Jamaican producer – Assaney Morris. The parody aside Prince Zimboo has very hilarious lyrics on Lightswitch – “woman, you may not look good in the day, but your beauty is only a light switch away”.

Download Lightswitch: and listen to the words keenly: and get more here

4 Responses to “Prince Zimboo – Lightswitch”

  1. kenyangal says:

    Dude, post something better. I did a lot of fast forwarding and I can still say, I didn’t like whatever that was

  2. Gabi says:

    Heh! Good one. Hope he gets some new stuff out soon. Three songs is not enough! :))

  3. mEssY says:

    Your beauty is just a lightswitch away! Classic!

  4. the light switch we have at home are made by Omron and they last for a long long time..:

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