Syd vs Q-Tac : Clande vs Chips Funga (GetMziki Faceoff – Brand New Music ***)


The image I’ve created above and uploaded is not meant to belittle any women who read this blog – but rather to paint a vivid picture of the debauchery that has been going on in Kenya over the last few years when it comes to creating fresh new slang terms to explain certain times of people. From what I understand Chips Funga these days means a chile you pick up the first night at any night club or bar, and you kulungus (hit it off) on the same night. So she is a chips funga just like the Kenchic chips (fries) that you order to go.

On the flip a Clande is just a clande – Clande is actually from the word Clandestine (which is secrecy more or less a relationship you are having on the side). Kenya currently is a Clande infested country, I understand Nairobi is suffering from all sorts of Clande diseases – Imara Daima, South C, South B and Buru have become the new Clande havens for the heavy weights.

So we felt it only right to put these two big artists singing these two different classic tracks that are fresh off the studio and press – Syd who has his banging track titled CLANDE and Q Tac and his crazy track CHIPS FUNGA. The themes are similar but the songs are completely different so they cannot be compared to in terms of production and flow. However in terms of delivery and message execution I thought it would be nice to see which track would pony more votes. So without futher due –

listen to Syd’s Clande song here: (Mandugu Digital production – Ambrose)

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listen to Q-Tac’s Chips funga here: (Calif Records production – Clemo)

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vote for the tracks here:



download the songs here:

Chips funga


13 Responses to “Syd vs Q-Tac : Clande vs Chips Funga (GetMziki Faceoff – Brand New Music ***)”

  1. kenyanised says:

    both tunes are pretty good but madugu digi got this bounce thing locked. the keyboard work on the clande song is tight and syds rapping is pretty good he sounds like he is at ease with the music ans his rhyimes and the beat effortlesly combine becouse it is an upbeat song and syd understood that and kept it as a party song. the other thing is that the chorus is catchy which is a plus.

  2. kenyanised says:

    the only downside of the clande song is that it sounds just like a typical kenyan song nothing special about it.

  3. wakinuthia says:

    my sheng is nyuma sana bana! Chips Funga is kali Q-Tac can sing. Boths songs are sawa lakini Q-Tac’s song is nice!

  4. Roddy says:

    I’d have to go with Q-Tac, I’ve never really taken SYD that serious as an MC ever since high school. He sounds too “Bubble Gum”, Backpack type of delivery. Respect to him though everyone has their style

  5. bryo says:

    Q-tac hs murderd this 1 hehehehe the syd 1 is also tyt but chips funga has bebad it!!! mpango za jiggy jiggy kumbe ni za uwizi wizi

  6. GNoma says:

    I tell u Q-tac doesn’t even get close to Syd. N where does anyone get comparing two totally different genres of music. But All in all, lyrical prowess is bestowed on clande.

  7. i go with Syd’s clande song,beat ya Mandungu Digital is def on point.n as far as the sheng goes,i cant understand much of the Q-tac but si mbaya either way.

  8. kenyangal says:

    Both songs are good, but Syd’s Clande has it all hands down. Love the beat. Love the rapping. Damn, love the song

  9. lisa says:

    HAHA you had to put a disclaimer for the ladies! Degrading titles they are but it is what it is..

    This is a very tough choice unlike the Mejja Madtraxx.. Songs are totally different…if someone put a gun im my head and i had to choose..imma have to go with Q-tac on the melody…

  10. Njeri says:

    On this it’s a tough choice… I penda the melody on Chips Funga, i also give it up to his vocals coz not alot of pple can be compared to to him. Now on the other hand, SYD has stepped it up a notch this time around. His lyrics and flow are on point, the beat is catchy and more entertaining. So I have to give it up to SYD ON THIS ONE!!! Nice one SYD

  11. Roddy says:

    Speaking of Chips Funga, i was wondering if y’all i’ve heard Walanguzi’s version “Funga Chipo”

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