A.Y – Leo (Remixes) Feat Avril and Wahu (GetMziki Exclusive)

Pic Courtesy of Bongo Celebrity

I’m really excited to showcase this song for a number of reasons. One is the addition of Alvin as part of the GetMziki team (Karibu sana!!!!!!) and two is the positive responses we have been getting from artists and fans across the globe on the promotion of African music on an international level.
You might have noticed the slow but positive changes we have been making on the site and the addition of various sections which we will be presenting to everyone in the next few weeks.

Like I said before, Alvin now part of the team has tons of musical experience and connections in the Tanzanian music scene and you will slowly but surely see a jump in the number of exclusive songs we showcase from Tanzania. Consider this post as the first one of the many more to come.

On this song “Leo”, A.Y enlists the help of Avril and Wahu for 2 separate remixes to the original which we had showcased on GetMziki before. Avril, as you all know is signed to Ogopa Djs and apparently is the new hot sensation that is driving the streets crazy. On the other ‘Leo” reggae remix, Wahu does her thing for a classic Tanzania/Kenya Collabo. The video for The remix featuring Avril was done by Ogopa Djs, who are really doing great things on thier video productions. I wanna see what people out there thing of the collabos. Enjoy!!

Listen to the Songs Below:

Ay Feat Avril – Leo (Remix)

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Ay Feat Wahu – Leo (Remix)

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Download The songs Below:

Watch the Video for the Ay Feat Avril “Leo” Remix Below

11 Responses to “A.Y – Leo (Remixes) Feat Avril and Wahu (GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. wanjala says:

    april is weak as shit. wahu is much better

  2. wakinuthia says:

    not a fan of either versions!

  3. kritik says:

    Greetings, Leo i just want to bring to your attention that in your short bio/intro of the song you (or whomever writes the bio) made it sound as if Wahu is a dude by following her name up with “his” instead of “her”.

  4. kenyangal says:

    All in all, I still prefer the original version. AY needs to stop messing with that song and move on to another one. But just out of the two remixes, i prefer the collabo with wahu

  5. Isaac says:

    Thanks for posting this.the reggae rmx is hot man! No one can do it better other than AY n Wahu!!trust me! Thnx also for your addition of Alvin to your team n we hope nw we gonna get more new bongo flava hits as for kenyan hits. Expecting much from u guys! Holla!

  6. Lisa says:

    I have to disagree with the latter. I preffer Avril’s version even though it was short as hell! I actually have to admit i just fast foward to her part and careless of what AY has to say.. again with the Tpayning u can only listen a song for too long! Id like to hear more of her songs tho..but i think she’s right on the money with her voice! Ogopa big things!!!

    I have to second you on Ogopa Videos hommy. I recently did a post on my blog and put a few of their videos i loved including this one. As a visual artist i have to appreciate the superb job they are doing in Kenya nowadays. They have come so far from the shady phone camera and just dowright sad music videos we had back in the days. I commend then for a job well done! Waendelee vivyo hivyo!

  7. Dennis Kothe says:

    Guyz it’s still 2 early 2 judge Avril.The super babe is still young in the industry unlike Wahu who has been there since music was created.Avril is a crowd puller and a raeved up performer n I bet she scores higher than Wahu on everything but experience.

    Att:(Think u can Dance Party)-she performed w/derfully.kubali yaishe Izzo&Wanjala

  8. miken says:

    too much autotune, too much. when will w start hearing actual voices in songs instead of these electronic sounds…

  9. SammieSam says:

    Hai manze need to appreciate.Mature music n tha quality of tha Video iko juu tu sanaa.Kama ni poa wacha niseme ni poa.

  10. DJ Bonnie says:

    manze avril u have a nyc voice en how can i get ur number? keep it up jo!

  11. […] featuring Tanzania’s AY. Music fans can remmeber that back in 2009, the two had done a collabo “Leo” with various remix versions. No Stress is their latest offering that was produced by Cedo at Pacho […]

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