Fally Ipupa ft Olivia – Chaise Electrique (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Fally Ipupa
image courtesy of Jamati

Fally is not new on GetMziki or on the Internet – actually anyone who wants to befriend Fally just has to point his browser to his Facebook page here – Fally Ipupa on Facebook – he is an avid Facebook user and has a large fan base. Fally is one of those artists you just respect period – enough said. To collaborate with Olivia and produce this flashy video just brings African Urban music to a whole new entertainment space.

Olivia who apparently left G-Unit in 2008 after spinning hits with 50 Cent such as Best Friend. seems to have found some good spirits with the African star Fally Ipupa. Its rumored that Olivia is now signed to Universal and has an upcoming project titled Alone with You.

I wonder if she is going to dedicate this album to her new found love 🙂

lisetn to Chaise Electrique here:

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download the track here:

Watch the video here:

10 Responses to “Fally Ipupa ft Olivia – Chaise Electrique (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. Isaac says:

    The file cant b downloaded coz it contains some errors!cn u upload another file pls?

  2. Isaac says:

    The track iz cul n downloadable.i jst had a problem with my browser at first.its cul.sorry 4my last comment!jst ignore it!

  3. ice says:

    this song is so cool that i can’t keep myself from listening to it. Keep it up fally i like u

  4. Locom says:

    what a surprise…damn such an unlikely combi but the song is nice.

  5. gaby says:

    not unlikelly man.thats the top man en top girl.it beter than all

  6. getmziki says:

    Song is sick.. cant lie.. but in other news Fally is tapping Olivias ass so .. its only right that they do a song together – Meanwhile I hear Fally in France is like 50 in NY so thats how the story goes.. Although he still doesnt have his US visa to start his tour 🙂

    Stato is an interesting place they dont care how much money you got, you still gotta get in line with the rest of the immigrants – DAMN!!!

    Let me sort out the audio for you guys.

  7. getmziki says:

    Okay // I tried to fix the post but it seems the song will still sound chappy – however once you download it if you chose to the quality is good.


    Also just incase anyone has doubts of Olivia and Fally – Check out the video of Best Friends with 50 cent – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OfOsSM9pCE
    50 had another chile to shmooze with on the video, but in this Fally Video – Olivia is all over Fally Ipupa.. LOL

  8. Annie says:

    Great combination…the song is definately unique..they have some serious chemistry on the video…!! They can both sing a major plus in the collabo….im impressed.

  9. sandrine nadege says:

    i love fally because he singing good melodies

  10. Crystal says:

    sniff sniff!! I can’t download it…!!!! heeeelp!!! its such a fabulous track!!!

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