Lizha James ft Mandoza – Voodoo

I am sitting on a gang of music from Mozambique, and for some reason i have a  feeling that Mozambique is going to be the next big African music center mostly because the music bridges many gaps. Between East and South,Lusophone and Anglophone Africa.

On this track  Lizha James – who is one of the biggest up and coming stars in Africa alongside Mandoza who needs no introduction.

the Video and download follow.

4 Responses to “Lizha James ft Mandoza – Voodoo”

  1. DJ Piddipat says:

    i want to thank you for sending so much good music my way. it’s a shame that black people in the USA have no idea of the wonderful music coming from the motherland. every now and then i volunteer-DJ at a kenyan restaurant just for fun. the people there are thrilled to hear “music from home,” and the patrons (who are often non-african) really enjoy the music.

  2. getmziki says:

    I went to watch TVB (THE Very BEST) Band in San Francisco last week – as much as the music wasnt really my style I had a good time and enjoyed the event very much thanks to Louis.

    That said it was sad to see this MALAWIAN up on stage KILLING in his language – and PARTY full or White Folks enjoying these tunes… I cant even imagine… Or express how I felt…

    Meanwhile there is a band in San Francisco lead by a Kenyan called Victor Sila – Thats huge!! but you’ll rarely see any Kenyan at his shows…


  3. kenyangal says:

    For one thing you cannot always blame Kenyans in the US for not attending shows by Africans, esp. since promotion of these tours is not up to par. Take for example the legends of comedy tour, When you google this, the only websites that have it is the Kilimanjaro entertainment website that finally released the schedule after the guys landed into the country, but haven’t indicated the venues. Now, who do you call to ask for the venue? The other is Nyambane’s facebook website, which, not everyone has facebook, and it doesn’t have venues either. Now google Bigpin and the only website you see is for his visit to arlington, tx which has passed, but that was not there either early last month or May when I was looking for info on his tour. For sure when promoters tell the public that so and so will be touring a certain country, the promoters shd already have the dates and venues available of which they shd indicate well in advance. Until promoters step up on their advertising of these shows, we cannot sort out the problem of low attendance by Africans

  4. Crystal says:

    Sila rooocks!!!

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