Audius – Take me back/ Muchandiona

If  your parents give you a name like Audius – it probably means they have a premonition of your musical ability. But then again Zimbabweans are known for names my friend here’s name means ” we are all dead in” Shona. Not too mention all the Blessing’s and Wisdom’s and Forward’s i have met – even though some were neither forward nor wise.

Back to Audius, from what i gather Audius is big in Australia – can someone confirm ? In any case i am posting 2 tracks here  – Take me back which is a contemporary R&B track and Muchandiona which is an more traditional acoustic track.

Zimbabwe – stand up: video and audio follow

2 Responses to “Audius – Take me back/ Muchandiona”

  1. wakinuthia says:

    wow Jamaa can sing wether ni Kingoso ama Shona! If you’re gonna post this kinda R&B nitasend ngoma ya artist wa Liberia am working with!

  2. Leo Faya says:

    Wakinuthia… BRING FORTH ANY African Urban Music…

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