Bracket – Yori Yori and No Time Feat P-Square


I had promised I was going to post some of the songs driving the clubs/radio/streets crazy in Kenya. One of the other song is by the Nigerian group Bracket with the song “Yori Yori”. Apparently, Yori Yori” means “Sweetness” in the Igbo language and this song packs the dance floors in a major way. The song is not necessarily new, but has been ruling the charts in Naija land for the last couple of months. The Enugu born duo who started off as a trio group were brought together by music at the University of Nigeria and with their style, swagger and musical ability its only a matter of time before they become megastars since they are already superstars across Africa.

I got a chance to get a copy of their album “Least Expected” and the songs on the album are pure fire!!!!!. They have a couple of hit singles on the album, but surprisingly enough their first two singles were “Yori Yori” and “No time” ft P-square. My favorite tracks on the album however are “Gossip” and “All my People” which clearly bring out Bracket’s vocal skills and artistic ability.

Since I’m showcasing Bracket, I decided to hit up the readers with a double dose of their hit singles “Yori Yori” and ‘No Time”.


Click here to listen to Yori Yori

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Click here to listen to ‘No Time” Feat P-Square

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Download ‘Yori Yori” below:

Download ‘No Time” below:

Watch the videos Below:

15 Responses to “Bracket – Yori Yori and No Time Feat P-Square”

  1. Locom says:

    tight song..mazee that beat is crazy…Noma!
    yo check out this facebook app that allows you to rep your mtaa

  2. Annaliese says:

    Totally addictive tune…i could listen to it all day.Am feeling yori yori :)))

  3. klepto2 says:

    Niaje Get mziki. Gotta say i come to ur sight more often than necessary. But if the music is good it’s good. There are only a few artists i consider worth spending my money to buy their albums. Sean paul, Collie Buddz, Kleptomaniax, Voicemail and maybe Bamboo. After u recommemended bracket’s other song “Gossip”, i just can’t get enuff of it. Bracket is unique. His style is a blend of dancehall, RNB, hip hop n soca. Lyrically talented and an amazing production crew. I was sampling the album online and i jus have no idea where to get his album.Any clues? I’d feel guilty tryin to download it from some clande site :). Anywayz thanks 4 the music. I stay in Ohio now but the hits make me feel like im back in my diggz in kisum siti..!!! Be blessed

  4. Xcel says:

    I prefer ‘no time’ over the ‘yori yori’…

  5. No time says:


  6. Get Mziki says:

    Who would have known YORI YORI would end up being such a massive hit… DONA!!

  7. Amakababyy says:

    Bracket don make me kolo.Inshort I am dead.Them don finish me but i no go die.LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NINJARIA – no vex – NIGERIA.

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  9. mary deng says:

    i love it so sweet true it does make my heart do yori yori makes me think of my boyfriend!!! 🙂

  10. alek says:

    AHAHAHA i cant sleep without listening to that song yori yori

  11. henry meteke says:

    yori yori , well welli……men this is the song right there…..
    nigerian number 1 in music,,,,

  12. nancy says:

    omg that song make me feel so mmmmmmmmmmmmm speechless

  13. jane says:

    ni ce one omg

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