Madtraxx – Big Shot (GetMziki Exclusive **)

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We’ve covered MadTraxx on GetMziki over and over again, I think with all the tracks released over the last 3 years the kid is ready to compile an album. I think its unfortunate that most of these Kenyan artists are caught up in the whole Nameless singles phenomenon but maybe there is a strategy and I am just failing to see it at this point and time.

Honestly think about it, all Kenyan artists you have listened to over the last 8 months are singles, none of these artists actually has an album or has a plan to release an album. Unless someone wants to prove me different I am yet to see a Madtraxx, Mejja, Jimwat or Joint Ya Chava album. Am just being real. Am not saying its a bad strategy am just saying by the time the album gets here everyone has all the tracks they need. However on the flip side Nameless made millions going on tour and performing his tracks before he compiled his album. This allowed him to bank more on performance sales than Album sales (which i think went to Ogopa). So maybe its okay to have a string of singles that allow you to stand on stage – rant and rave.

I am conflicted about this song, it feels so cookie cutter. In a world where I have always raved about George’s (Madtraxx) ingenius tracks, catchy hooks and inventive dance routines – I feel like this is such a dupped formatted hit. It feels so Jango – so Walanguzi, so BigPin like.. Its bound to be a hit just because of the song format and composition but not because its exceptional. I am not sure what you guys think – so ill open it up.. The song is on heavy rotation right now on Kenyan radio stations… give it a listen.

listen to Big shot here:

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download the track here:

8 Responses to “Madtraxx – Big Shot (GetMziki Exclusive **)”

  1. Bassline says:

    My “Koffi Annan” personality traits always make it hard for me to call a spade a spade when if that could hurt someone, so I’m often trying to balance out stuff you know…but, for this one, yaani there’s nothing about it I liked. Not the beats, not the rhymes nothing. Yaani I jua madtraxx and a few of his recent songs. This was like an anti-climax kidogo. I felt the song-writing was amateur vibaya sana, the beat was like what ogopa was doing in 1997 and if this song truly is favoured huku, it must be because of the Brand {Madtrax} rather than the product itself {BigShot}.

    Intelligent Music criticism will not even spare Nameless when he does a wack song with Ray C called “Mambo Sina”.

    This song is not a bigshot at all.

  2. Mike1 says:

    Jesus. Heavy Rotation on kenya?

  3. Locom says:

    give it a 6/10

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  4. matthew says:

    i rather find the song ok, especially comforting for those with low self esteem but have the color to spend, haha. but serious when u listen to guys like madtraxx and havent been in kenya for a long time, u feel gud to be back in nairobi

  5. willie says:

    madtraxx i love the song….u wanted it to be a catchy tune and it will be a catchy tune…u goin places man….

  6. Mambo says:


  7. Pudding says:

    Catchy track…

  8. philmode says:

    I heard the remix, its sicker! Mad Trax killed it

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