Muthoni – Mikono Kwenye Hewa (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

image courtesy of Muthoni the Drama – Reverb Nation

I’ve seen Muthonis album cover all over the web over the last few months to a point I thought she was just a paint brush artists. Trully there wasn’t much to say or nothing to accompany all the dynamic art of her standing over what appeared to be a set of drums. The image looked like this chile in casual clad – pissed off at the world about to knock the F^&k out of somebody. My ignorance didnt allow me to probe further as the image really didnt keep me wanting to find out more.

The sad reality is that I heard this song last year and never connected the song to the artist or to the visual expressions that I had been looking at over time. The sadder fact is that Chao, tried to put me up on game with her capabilities but I just couldn’t connect a drummer as an urban singing soultress – the image just wasn’t coming through. I also wasn’t really into the whole Blankets and wine thing, it felt too cliche’ in terms of promoting local African Urban Soul Sound. However last week DJ Edu – DNA 1Xtra dropped this track, and before I realized it I was like Bloooood klat!!! isnt that .. wait a minute… hot damn that shit is hot and since then Ive been blasting it since. I have been rushaing “Mikono Kwenye Hewa”. Its possibly how the song was introduced back into my ears through a mix, or possibly the whole 2010 entertainment sound is going to be this fast paced beats that sound like Twista on the hook. A recent discussion with the GetMziki DJs last night also revealed that this is the year of the 120 BPMs and above on all hit tracks and I think thats just what this track is to me.

So to Chao for putting me up on game on Muthoni months ago if not years – THANKS. To wawesh for constantly changing the game on the African Music scene. Big ups. To MUTHONI… This music deserves to be heard outside those African WALLS. I honestly believe this is some shit DAVID GUETTA would like to F^&k with – You are truly an inspiration and a star in the making. I guess UK does some good after all ha ha ha!! ūüôā Ive added some extra material on this post because I feel like I slept on this artists and this song, so enjoy.

ps. Also Muthoni the DRUMMER QUEEN – Hilarious, crazy, innovative, enterprising name – GENIUS total GENIUS

Check out some of the sick album art work here:



Listen to Mikono Kwenye Hewa here:

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download the track here:

watch the video here:
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15 Responses to “Muthoni – Mikono Kwenye Hewa (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. The Hanyeé says:

    Finally this gets up on GetMziki! Got this track from Muthoni in my mailbox last year and I loved it since first hearing it, truly makes you want to throw those mikonos kwenye hewa. Was expecting it to be more of a banger but not sure where it got swallowed into in the hecticness that is the Nairobi entertainment scene.

    Definitely agree that this needs to be heard across Africa and outside and sick would a dance remix of this be?

    Up juu na kwenye hewa!

  2. Get Mziki says:

    Honestly I was going to write initially that I dont think the Kenyan market is ready for this type of music, or even if they know what to do with such an artist. To me this is genius. To many other people this may sound like NOISE. I think this is the future… This is going to be the year for these fast paced beats…

  3. muthoni says:

    Yo Leo!
    LMAO!!!how honest are you? LMAO!Im glad you’re finally on it though! Nairobi is coming around finally,so i guess my work for 2010 is cut out for me.

    and you are right, Wawesh is the truth!

  4. The Hanyeé says:

    Great snakes, the video? Let’s check that out!!

  5. mark says:

    Moment of truth…this is genius! ESPECIALLY the video. On the other hand though, unlike the poster (I’m guessing Leo?) who hesitated to state the obvious, the Kenyan music scene is NOT ready for this kind of music and it would NOT know what to do with it. Hip-hop, despite being the de-facto number one genre in the world, has tried and miserably failed to take root in mainstream Kenya (crank jaribud though…not quite sure how that went). The hip hop movement even tried bashing the so-called “kapuka” through it’s ambassador to Kenya, Bamboo, only for the same Bamboo to embrace a veiled version of the very kapuka in “compe”, to get his first ever real hit. To say this song MIGHT grab some attention is an understatement, but to say this style WILL steal the mainstream show is a gross overstatement (if such a word exists).

  6. Muthoni the Drummer Queen!! Brilliant stuff!
    Check her out on<blockquote
    Mark, methinks that it's a growing influence; it may not be ready, I give that, then again, who is ever ready? Someone has to take the first step- and it's starting to show, it's starting to pay off!

  7. Muthoni the Drummer Queen!! Brilliant stuff!
    Check her out on
    Mark, methinks that it’s a growing influence; it may not be ready, I give that, then again, who is ever ready? Someone has to take the first step- and it’s starting to show, it’s starting to pay off!

  8. Locom says:

    i fuxx with the grimey beat. Dizzee Rascal make way!lol

    check out this facebook app that lets you rep your mtaa:

  9. kenderiz says:

    mwenda mchizi a.k.a friz doing it gud check out in he did the song raundi mwenda and also check nakuwaza by friz coz i know huu msee anaenda mbali if i had da chance to see him perfom naweza enda bt big up muthoni waaaaar double waaaar uko poa akina ratat wako down

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  11. Mtoiwamarthee says:

    Tis right hapa is the the f-ing future bana

    am hearing so much about muthoni and the Penyans and for the long nimewatharau lakini sahi nimekubali bana

    everything i look up on the collective its fire

    proudly east african

  12. Me says:

    I love this video love the song even more!! The scene where guys are getting robbed reminds me of guys getting robbed at Tamasha…does that still happen??

  13. rasta says:

    I’m from Tanzania Muthoni, this song iko hot ile mbaya I do like to listen to it every day n nait aisee inabamba ile mbaya. Can i gaet da album?How?

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