Kidum feat Lady Jay Dee – Nitafanya (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

For the longest time I thought Kidum was from Kenya, probably because he had that banger of a track with Nameless titled – Karibia. Karibia was such a huge big track, I think it was big enough that the two artists decided to collaborate on another track called Greedy.

This is another such huge collaboration featuring Tanzanians R&B sensation Lady Jay Dee. It seems as though Kidum is not necessarily strong on his own because frankly each song I have heard from his album has some other local East African big act. Needless to say he probably has the strongest voice in the region right now. Kidum is originally from Burundi but sources always tend to trace his roots to Uganda or Rwanda, as we understand he is the biggest act in Burundi but because of his close ties to Tanzania he has a better understanding of the Bongo swagger and language. To demonstrate his connections he collaborated with Hermy B of B’Hits Music Group in Tanzania and ofcourse had the duet collabo of Lady JD.

Give this track a few spins family! – enjoy! This is a BIG ZOUK-like track! this is LARGE!

listen to Nitafanya here:

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download the track here:

[Download the track here:]

watch the video here:

21 Responses to “Kidum feat Lady Jay Dee – Nitafanya (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. wakinuthia says:

    now that’s a good collabo… not a big fan of Lady Jay Dee but she sounds great…. Kidum can flat sing jamaa has one of the better vocals i’ve heard from East Africa bila enhancements aka auto tune ama pitch corrections and so on done to other acts!!!

  2. Eva Osoro says:

    I looove Kidum and his music … so talented and has such a pure voice.

  3. Locom says:

    safi sana

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  4. vee says:

    i beg to differ kidum was there even before lady jay dee. the song is awsome!!!! kidum … have no greater words to explain how great his music is… you should clearly get his album coz obviously he aint getting much air play but his music is heavenly…

  5. Ruthie says:

    This song is AWESOME. Big up Kidum, hot song.

  6. Billia says:

    Kidum ur the bomb! I listen to this song over and over again….Big up!

  7. Martin says:

    kindly upload the song again. I have tried downloading it several times but in vain.


  8. Skyeez says:

    definitely my favorite song + voices 🙂

  9. Bobie says:

    where can i get the video of this song?

  10. DJ Puff Puff says:

    I am one of the best pro DJ’s in the world, I’m college graduit in Recording Art in USA. Living music everyday in New York City but son of Burundi-Rwanda for me Kidum has the best male vocal in all East Africa. And this joint is a Killer!!!Take that and run with it….love ya Kidum ur the best and I am a big Fun of ya bro!

  11. Dennis Munyasya says:

    uko mbele kidum.mambo bad raundi hii.keep it up.ate!ate!believe me now

  12. diana says:

    its soo wow amlistening toit daily.just touches my heart n soul.good work

  13. Sharon says:

    hellow hoe are u

    i realy do like this some

    Please advise if where can i get the CV

  14. stella ruan says:

    great superb exellent jus great ,the song ,the video shoot was clean clear !!!!!!!

  15. Kidum, you are a great singer. We celebrate you.Keep it up.

  16. Erwin says:

    Kidum is from Burundi, and he is very good when he sings by himself too. I would love to hear a track with him and Ali Kiba, they would be amazing!!!

  17. Swean dorcas says:

    Ds song wth ldy jay dee z wazimu lyk th stand sa weka kwa wapdam 4 ezia acces

  18. yunita says:

    Hi Kidum nice one keep up. more fire

  19. Joy says:

    I so, love this song!

  20. Sam says:

    Huu ndio wimbo ninaoupenda kuliko nyimbo za wasanii wote. Sauti,mipigo imepangwa sijui nifananishe na ipi.
    Pongezi na muendelee kutoa nyimbo zaidi.

  21. manu says:

    nitadodododo………… kabisa kidun great stuff

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