Get Mziki Bin it or Spin it – (New Feature)

So we’ve been trying to find a way to put up all these random tracks we get in our in-boxes but nothing seems to work as good as we want in terms of showcasing the talent, capturing the bio of the artists and essentially putting out the music. Honestly some of the songs we get are just not worth the airtime. Some people just send songs for the sake of it, some people seem to be experimenting and others just need extra help and direction in finding the right sound.

However whatever the reason or the case for pursuing a musical career – Kenya as a whole has had a buzzing budding musical journey of hopefuls over the past 10 years. So each week we will do a feature called BIN IT OR SPIN IT. … Essentially if you like something, please put your comments on the bottom of the post to SPIN IT and if you don’t like it let us know to BIN IT.

Overtime we will tally up the votes based on what’s being requested to be SPUN, and we will post that track, the download with the bio and the image of the artist. That simple. So this week we will start with the following tracks – let us know what you think.

listen to Drenco – Baby Gal Ft Cashino Remix:

listen to Chini kwa Chini – Razdee feat Caprice:

listen to OG – Agenda Four:

listen to Peter Kamweno – Lead me on:

listen to Keja – Soko mbaya:

listen to Luu Amazing feat Kamme – Be there:

24 Responses to “Get Mziki Bin it or Spin it – (New Feature)”

  1. DJ Neva says:

    What a great service to the musician community! Thanks for putting this together. One thing all of these tracks share is sincerity – and that in itself should be appreciated. Musically, well… that’s another story. But I’m a bit old-school, so my taste might not count for much. I just want to give you props for starting this new feature, and I’ll weigh in when I’ve got something to say.

  2. nicholas law says:

    Chini kwa Chini – Razdee feat Caprice got my feet pumpin’! SPIN IT!

  3. de-dulla says:

    Raz dee Chini kwa Chini ni ngoma fresh…..manze SPIN IT.

  4. kraus says:

    Chini kwa Chini – Razdee feat Caprice cant stop boppin mi head man definitely spin it

  5. Wavluv says:

    I agree with DJ Neva…this is a great service to the local music scene. I’m loving Chini kwa Chini – Razdee ft. Caprice. Its a great track: SPIN IT!

  6. chike says:

    Spin it ‘Baby Gal’

  7. richier says:

    ebwanaaaaaaaaaaaa hii ngoma ni poa sana CHINI KWA CHINI ya RAZDEE SPIN IT

  8. wanjala says:

    The only one worth spinning is drenco. hizo zingine tupa mbali

  9. Jabriani says:

    Listen to OG- Agenda Four isn’t bad lyrically…It’s Pretty Interesting
    I liked listen to Drenco – Baby Gal Ft Cashino Remix: the Best

  10. DJ Piddipat says:

    great idea! i didn’t like any of the first batch, as i’m very, very picky. but keep ‘em coming!

  11. Bob D says:

    goood I like this. but to be sincere Baby gal is the best out of the list. Spin it!

  12. oga stanley says:

    I will always vote good music, the baby gal song is definitely worth the spin.. its a heavy track! oga stan say so

  13. B says:

    In this batch, Drenco’s “baby gal” is definitely a SPIN it track…

  14. stephen d says:

    spin chini kwa chini

  15. mzengwe says:

    manze keja is hot i kan feel the beat and the bumping dude thats a banger

  16. Kenzi says:

    Tuff track – spin it! x

  17. Marcus says:

    Niaje..RazDee ma Boy..Ume revive hiyo Beat!! Hebu I cant wait the whole song…Spin It Soonest’!! :)

  18. DA BENJA says:

    This track is lovely and the vocal on point…. Big Up and wish you greater height.

  19. escobar says:

    chini kwa chini thats wssup RAZ keep it real homie.love the song

  20. Monq says:

    chini kwa chini surely is a smart debut,i like the flow.good start mrasta Raz Dee,keep up the flow!!

  21. Mbuchi says:

    Chini kwa Chini – Razdee feat Caprice …. loving it… please post the whole song

  22. mwas says:

    lazima ni eneze…spin it!

  23. KC says:

    I love that Baby Gal song, Pls spin it

  24. Onyi says:

    baby gal got me shaking my thing! pls pls post so I can download!

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