GetMziki Faceoff : Wyre vs Cool James vs Les Wanyika

I was going to drop all three MP3’s but I figured it makes more sense to just kinda let the videos in all these three variations do the talking. I recently heard this Wyre song (a remake of sina makosa by Les Wanyika) a few things came to mind as I

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listened to the song.

– I was glad someone is actually attempting to do remakes of the hot ish that we had in Kenya.
– I was excited that someone is following in Cool James footsteps
– I was confused at the attempt, as to whether it was at the same quality, better or worse?

From what I understand Ulopa put this version together and collaborated with Wyre, this just might be the first Ulopa song that I am not feeling as much. Please note I admire both these artists – and I have been an avid Ulopa fan for a while. Wyre is a close friend as well but when I dont feel the song I just dont feel it. Maybe am just talking tell me what you guys think?

(Nothing comes close to the original though – those trumpets.. yawaaaa!!!)

watch Les Wanyika here:

watch Cool James here:

watch Wyre here:

4 Responses to “GetMziki Faceoff : Wyre vs Cool James vs Les Wanyika”

  1. gati says:

    naah, i dont think u are just talkin…i am just not feeling the song..i understand that he was tryin to modernize it…but he shud have done it with more smoother beats or sumtin, there is just sumtin missin…i love wyre tho, i do.

  2. DJ Neva says:

    Gotta give props to the next generation paying due respect, but nothing can possibly match that sublime original by Les Wanyika. Thanks for the video clip – so sweet.

  3. kimgitz says:

    I have done a review of the entire album (10 Years Wiser)…you might want to have a look

    The original is far much better because it is authentic African melody and rhythm. While a lot of music coming from East Africa currently is musically and technically of good quality….the difficulty is it lacks identity and is sounding more and more western. The truth is if we continue to copy the western world we become less competitive, because artists like Nas and JayZ hip hop is not just a genre of music they contribute to but a big part of their history and culture. African artists need to understand that what is authentic sells because it is unique. I love artists like Wyre because their music is distinctively African. The proof is in how well Uprising did in Jamaican charts…while the producers were not Kenyan Wyre still managed to bring his own element which was unique. Thats why producers like Timbaland use exotic sounds..because they are unique and authentic. I loved Nyash of Klepto because he totally understood this concept…he took time to understand East African genres like Benga and modernize them with Kapuka beats and rap! Ogopa had started well with Kapuka but for some reason failed to carry the vision to maturity! I only hope Penya Africa wont meet the same fate…Sauti Sol, Dela, Muthoni,JAB and Stan are all good examples…We need producers who will do the same for Kenyan hip hop- Genge and Kapuka

  4. macmay says:

    The only wrong thing with this track is that….its just FLAT!
    but i am for those old_skul_gone_new songs…we need more of these.

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