Miggy – Ligi Kubwa (**GetMziki Exclusive)

We first fe

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atured Miggy with his street anthem Best Dj a couple of months ago and like I had first mentioned on that post he’s definitely one of the “Freshmen of 2010, that is bringing new flavor and sound to the Kenyan music scene.

His currently touring promoting his album “Coffee Nites” which according to his promo press release ”reflects how I worked late night with a cup of coffee by my side as I wrote lyrics to my music”. The album has 15 tracks with a combo of sounds ranging from ragga, pop, afro-fusion, hip-hop and also some techno. Here is an excerpt of what I said when I posted the “Best Dj” song. “His album features tracks like “Watu Wawili”, “Blanketi” and “Nimechezi” among others and from what I’ve heard so far this kid got some heat!!!!”

“Ligi Kubwa” is a track that Miggy talks about having the swag and being in your own “big league”. This track is definitely a club banger and I’m really proud of Miggy since he’s really going out of the box without a big label supporting him and still crafting major hits. Djs out there now have an addition on their Serato crates for a 116BPM track that will be packing floors in the next coming months. Go out and also pick Miggy’s “Coffee Nites” album that is now available!!

Enjoy Ligi Kubwa!!!

Listen to the track below:

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Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

8 Responses to “Miggy – Ligi Kubwa (**GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. Suzzie says:

    This song is dope. Its the best from Kenya… I luv it. Oh my God!!

  2. ambassador huskay says:

    Mmm iko xawa sana i luv it yaani keeps ma speakerz bumpin

  3. julius says:

    m2 wangu ukoo juu these days jo

  4. Bernard miruka pokoyoyo says:

    maze kijana uko juu tu sana. thats a nice start for u . for support nitafute!

  5. Teflon says:

    Dude anadai ati ako na punchlines..wat punchlines???some kenyan artists should be shot,shot and SHOT again!

  6. Berto says:

    That song iz juu tuu sana. If u dont get dem linez right the songa kando na uwache pang’ang’a. Go Miggy Go!!

  7. karugah says:

    He does the song 4 hater like teflon. if u dont fell the punchlines songa kando

  8. Kevin 'Kay B' says:

    Man wapepea kwenye matawi na nag za juu…wengi hutamani kufika huko wakakosa…najua bidii yako ndo imejibu. Press on bado twahitaji jina yako kue internationally recognised…hebu nisaidie kuonyesha these other other Kenyan artistes the meaning of being an artiste…wape manyaunyo kimistari babu…salut! Kofia yangu iko chini juu yako. Respect kwa kazi safi!

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