Jaguar – Kigegeu (***GetMziki Exclusive)

We have featured Jaguar On GetMziki before with Nikuskize and Tayari and his camp just sent us this new single “Kigeugeu” off his upcoming album.

One thing I admire about Jaguar is his humble persona and also the fact that he’s so heavy on the streets and really building his musical catalog by staying relevant in the Kenyan music scene. It’s so funny that just the other day we were having this discussion among the GetMziki team about how artists mature and become megastars after being consistently on the grind with the average consumer not really knowing that they have paid their dues. A good example is everybody now is bumping to Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” crossover hit and thinking he’s a “new artist” while in fact Wiz has been grinding for the last ten years with his music catalog spanning hundreds of songs. Jaguar is one of those artists who’s really maturing positively and expanding his fan base.

I can definitely see this track being a dance floor packer in the next coming months. It’s one of those songs that just wanna make you start nodding your head to the beat. I’m sure most dj’s will be adding this track on their crates and playlists. On the flip side, I’d really like to hear Jaguar on a Musyoka 2010 beat, since although record companies especially In Africa like keeping everything in-house in terms of beat selection, producers, mixing and mastering, it somewhat limits them on experimenting with different sounds and song BPM ranges.

Listen to the lyrics too, since I’m sure everybody here will relate to the things Jaguar is talking about.


Listen to the track below:

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watch the video here:

16 Responses to “Jaguar – Kigegeu (***GetMziki Exclusive)”

  1. DJ Piddipat says:

    now, that was a nice cut — the beat is funky enough to appeal to black and latino alike! 🙂

  2. Bishop says:

    nice short i enjoyed the music its really touching for us africanos….. keep rocking Jaguar

  3. The.Hanyeé says:

    The only Jaguar jam where he truly outdid himself was “Nimetoka Mbali” ft AY..I personally have never liked any of his other tracks, but I am sure he has a fanbase who dig his jams…

    I don’t know him personally but I’m not sure about that bit about “humble persona”..after I listened to the childish jibber-jabber between him and Prezzo last year on Hits.not.homework, he & Prezzo came across as childish, arrogant, self-centered, shallow brats…not quite the makings of a humble persona, methinks…

  4. Wanjala says:

    I never like this guy’s music except for nimetoka mbali, but he KILLED it with this one. This is on replay for a week. The lyrics are deep as a mine in chile.

  5. Dante says:

    This is another hot track from this brother!ngoma zake ni poa,i like this one,lyrics ni mambo mbaya!the beats r good too.kila siku since ni get hii track,i lisaten to it almost al the time!

  6. Lydia says:

    Jaguar, you got this one right! I just looooooooooooooove it!

  7. Khalifa says:


  8. etivo says:

    I agree with Hanyeé, but personalities aside, Jaguar has since releasing the trax ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ self-discovered his genuine sound and style….keep them coming.

  9. Not because you are from my home town, but lemmie say that you have always led the way especially with this on man. Big ups

  10. dj Silver says:

    ya i just like the style of the music

    different dis tyme big up

  11. brayo says:

    nimetoka mbali single is needed not Dj mixtape. otherwise endelea na job poa Jaguar. Eeh.

  12. dj pato 256 says:

    i think this is jaguar’s bigest tune, i love it.

  13. DJ BROOXS says:


  14. naomi mbuve says:

    Jaguar,ur my favourite this time u made it wel ,excellent i salute u.

  15. nely says:

    i loooooooooooooooove tis song meeeen, u hav got………..

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