Camp Mulla – Digital Love (GetMziki Futures ****)

Mike Wanguhu put me up on game a few weeks/months ago about a cat called K-Plaz. My initial impulse was a little dismissive coz I felt he sounded something off a St Louis rappers book. Don’t get me wrong though, I told Mike that dude was tight but I didn’t think much of it initially because in my mind he musta been one of the new school Kenyan rappers moved back home now making beats.

This morning when Faridah hit me up telling me about Camp Mulla I was like isn’t this the same cat that Mike put me up on game with? Coz they sounded familiar, but Faridah made such a fuss I had to give this another listen. A few hours later I have been converted and I am now a believer. From what I understand none of these cats have stepped a foot out of Kenya which just makes it crazy when you think about their accents and english flow. There is a possibility that they are Hillcrest kids but that in itself is just scary to think about how the language has come into play so perfectly that I was sold on them being from Missouri or some shit.

As it stands today Camp Mulla is a Kenyan Rap Group founded by rappers Taio Tripper, Young Kass, Super-Producer K’Cous and their syndicate C.E.O, Tuchi. Other band Members include Miss.Karun, the First Lady and J-smiles who are superb vocalists. Camp Mulla’s main goal is to spread Urban Hip Hop music influence all Over East Africa and soon Globally.

I particularly like their 2-5-Flow word play for (two five four yaani kumaanisha 254 KENYA)…. As of today I tried downloading some off their tracks of soundclound and they have reached their maximum capacity downloads. So I embedded the track that I think is FIRE (Take it to the Floor). I did manage to share this crazy joint featuring the First lady whom I think honestly just has crazy vocals… Truthfully Faridah may have been right – there is a small movement in Kenya thats changing hiphop locally as we grew up to know it. And these cats could very well be the future.

I never really rant and rave about a group unless I think they have real potential and these cats to me personally I think they are onto something.


listen to Digital Love here:

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download the track here:

Bonus Material:

Take it to the Floor

Take It To The Floor by Camp Mulla (2-5-Flow)

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  1. Cheppy Cheps says:

    YO!! I’m not one to like hip hop as done by Africans – maybe ‘coz it almost always sounds so forced and with the pushed twengs…so distracting – But again, YO!! These cats aren’t bad! Take It To The Floor is sweeeet! Lemme listen to this a couple of more times and I’m sure they have a fan in the making!

  2. micwang says:

    watch it, these kids fina blow!

  3. Get Mziki says:

    Update: I just got word that one of the kids is Kibukosya’s nephew’s which means cousins to ULOPA – Essentially music runs in the family here which would explain the crazy production on Take it to the Floor..

    I personally put all my money on the Chile – Vocally she is sick even with the voice correction – SHIT she can BLOW…… If I was any of the Kenyan vocalist I’d start checking out right now 🙂

  4. kimgitz says:

    A lot of artists can learn a lot from these kids. There is a wrong way, a right way and the camp mulla way of doing music.
    One they are Talented…not i think am talented X-factor, Pop idol or tusker project fame know I have got it. They really have got mad talent. The chile in question is only 16 yrs old and she can climb the sol-fa ladder like it was an escalator.
    The Kibukosya’s relation is like Ulopa an artist and producer currently studying production in UK.
    Secondly, they know how to sell themselves. Image is everything and they have invested heavily in creating a brand…from there name Camp Mulla…to individual stage names e’g taio tripper to how they dress. They have photo shoots and all. How many times have editors here complained they can’t find images of some artists online.
    Thirdly, they have a good presence online utilising every avenue from social networking sites like facebook, to artist specific sites like reverbnation and myspace.
    In relation to online presence is the clever use of mixtapes and free downloads…same strategy used by Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Weezy. Everytime they upload tracks to Soundcloud they reach the maximum download limits super fast.
    Finally it is easy to get lost in the entertainment industry so I love the fact they have people like Ulopa and Collo to learn from. Coz both know one or two things about the industry and have made a few mistakes on the way.
    They have a long bright future ahead if they keep the same momentum…All the best guyz!
    Think You can Handle Camp Mulla!!! haha love the lyrics!

  5. Adubb says:

    Mayne i heard these cats tracks. one word sick their flow is real nice pure cross over artistry… Their image Swagger and music is def on point. Peeps need to really watch out for these cats: All the best to these cats:

  6. rootsaddict says:

    yeah! big up!

  7. AmeriKenyo says:

    listening to the downloads on soundcloud..originality, this is the kinda music kenyan uptown should be listen to. Touch of Class.

  8. THe Cman says:

    This is what i call crap!

  9. clis says:

    so theres the singer, the 2 rappers, the producer….. whose the poxer???

  10. waithaka ent says:

    This song Digital Love is actually by Plaz ft Wendy Kimani prod by Provoke (AMG)

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