DJ Bonsu – Jam Sessions Volume 2

I love African music, I love African sound, but most of all I love African DJ sets. There is something daunting about playing for an African audience – assuming you get the opportunity to DJ for people other than folks from your own ethnic background. I mean really think about it, how do you play for an all African crowd? Naija guys love their Naija music but dont really care much for Bongo or Genge, South Africans love their Kwaito but don’t really are much for that Naija or that Ethiopian sound, Kenyans love their Genge and tend to like other music but its all debatable over time.

So whenever I get to listen to these international DJ sets from DJ’s from other countries I am always overwhelmed. Essentially a lot of Kenyan DJ’s think they are the best in the region (it could be true however, on an average or on aggregate – there are more trigger happy Kenyan DJ’s than there are Ugandans or Tanzanians), however I think Kenyan DJ’s are pop DJ’s and thats what separates them from any other African DJ’s. Kenyans DJ’s mostly play what they think is current and pop. Most DJ’s from other African countries play a lot of everything.

Take for instance this cat – DJ Bonsu from Ghana (although I have a general Bias to Ghana coz of the obvious relationships we have with Ghanamixtapes and Julz Media) honestly take your time to listen to this mix. Its not about how cool his scratches are or how fancy his blends and mashups are, its just about good African music. Anyway maybe am just talking a lot of nonsense but I like this mix – its just a feel good mix. That second song from Wiz Kid is fire (Kill Bill – Serengeti Record Pool has the video) Billy that SONG IS FIRE….

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3 Responses to “DJ Bonsu – Jam Sessions Volume 2”

  1. Barry says:

    Simply wow!!! Hiyo mix imevuka boarder!

  2. kenyanised says:

    this arguement of kenyan dj’s i had had it many times with other people.

    kenyan dj’s are quite dynamic for the simple fact that kenya is a melting point for music. kenyans listen many genres of music and as DJ in kenya you have to be comfortable mixing different types of music.

    kenyan djs mix alot of pop music cuz that is what kenyans like. no dj would mess with pop music if the crowd doesnt like it. young kenyans dont like the nice and easy music. the more dancable “krazier” the tune is the bigger the hit it will be.

    plus kenyan DJS bring the funk. PERIOD!!!!

  3. juma mdudu says:

    if you have a thing for African sounds, or you are just lounging taking it easy or pacifico, then this mix comes highly recommended.

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