2Face – Only Me (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Honestly right now the buzz on 2Face from my perspective is probably more warranted than the buzz on Dbanj. Sure Dbanj got signed to Good (Kanye’s label) but in my opinion 2Face was my first pick in terms of an artist that was to break into the international market. Either way I think when I listen to Only Me which is in 2Face’s upcoming album appropriately titled “The Unstoppable” I cant help but think this is why Naija music is running Africa right now.

A huge part of me thinks the producers have evolved and hence the music performance and writing has ultimately changed/matured. Overall listen to this cats vocal delivery and listen to the flow tell me you don’t think this dude needs to be on a Tower Records shelf or something.. Shit I forgot most record stores closed shop lol..

ps. The message in this song is deep, we are all one regardless of where we come from – when I went to school back in Kenya I recall conversations around Cushites, Nilotes and Bantus. When you think of Africa in those terms, what separates us is really what we eat (Fish, Cows or Grass)… the newness in our ethnic lines and color lines in my opinion was created during colonialism and it gets worse the more developed our countries get… LETS UNITE – AFRICA is one big COUNTRY

listen and download the track here:

2Face – Only me by getmziki

watch the video here:

4 Responses to “2Face – Only Me (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. waithaka ent says:

    2Face is the dude…

  2. kenyanised says:

    not much i can say about the track. it is straight dope. deff gonna be on rotation in my whip. is it just me or does the track sound like an African version if trans music?

    dawg, there is nothing like Africa as a culture or people.the differences are real, they have been always been there(even before the white man came to Africa) and they will always be there. Africa is just a land mass period/a geographical entity and nothing more. NEVER FORGET THAT!

    anyways i guess that is a topic suggestion for the 10min fix.

  3. erikig says:

    This was my favorite song on 2Face’s Unstoppable album (even better than Implication). In short 2face is saying that if it was just him alone, his life would not be worth living – not even for the money, fame etc.

    The director of the video Clarence Peters is quickly establishing himself as Nigeria’s top music video artist.

    Incidentally you can listen to the album (legally) here:

    Cheers for the post!

  4. xalixo says:

    2face beats Dbanj. Any day! Good stuff. Video is sick.

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