Fally Ipupa feat Krys – Sexy Dance (GetMziki Exclusive **)

I need to post a few big songs of 2011 that are currently being voted on MOAMAS, the reason I dont post these songs is just because GetMziki is not really about commercial music, we break artists here. Really think about it, when was the last time you saw Nameless featured here, or Fally Ipupa? Considering am about to post Fally’s big song am just trying to make a point that we are all about the URBAN SOUND. So while we acknowledge that there are thousands of new African songs produced each day – we try to stay focused on our genre of choice which is these EDGY upcoming Urban tracks.

However today am breaking the rule slightly coz this song is just big… so here we go.

listen and download the song here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

watch the video here:

4 Responses to “Fally Ipupa feat Krys – Sexy Dance (GetMziki Exclusive **)”

  1. DJ Neva says:

    “Dancehall ndombolo” – love it! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Get Mziki says:

    Its like Lingala/Ndombolo (which is such a Kenyan term) meets Coupe De Cale… Wicked sana

  3. voke says:

    there iz no link to download the track nktest!!!

  4. DJ Piddipat says:

    great tune!

    voke, go to the sound file. see the arrow to the right? click on that to download. 🙂

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