Victoria Kimani – Oleku Remix (GetMziki Exclusive **)

(Photo credits by Jenny Wu)

Finally a Kenyan has jumped on a crazy Naija track to bless the remix. There have been so many different remixes and covers for Oleku coming from Naija but I think for me personally this has to be the best execution to date.

Vikki Secret or better known as Victoria Kimani (looks like she is going through a rebranding effort to drop the vikki secret handle which to me is about time – I couldnt wrap my head around Vikki Secret.. so big ups to the PR and publicity folks steering this move). Anyway Victoria who happens to be Bamboo and Kimya’s sister was orginally born in LA and then sorta moved back and forth between the US, Nigeria and Kenya. So with the links am not surprised she would jump on the track or get the blessings to be on the remix.

I think Vikki will do big things once the branding gets sorted out – she has a killer jam that Bruce Odhiambo produced some years back – I posted it here (Tell Me). Listen to this bird chirp… and tell me this is not the best R&B singer Kenya has to offer right now. (sorry Mercy 🙂 )// ps. Waithaka you need the vocals for Tell me ufanye mambo?

listen to Oleku remix here:

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download the track here:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

6 Responses to “Victoria Kimani – Oleku Remix (GetMziki Exclusive **)”

  1. waithaka ent says:

    Yes i do and some E Sir vocals too

  2. NaomiMbui says:

    This is a sorry excuse for a blog post on Kenya’s most promising up and coming talents….and Waithaka…your E-Sir comments are cute but definetly a desperate and cheap attempt to say Nothing. Getmziki, since “Tell me” Victoria has released several songs and even released mixtapes, yet you have not blogged any of them…why does it take outside bloggers to make you jump to post such love/hate driven blog? (No pun intended) and to which concern is it of anyone to voice opinions on her former name while with the same breath “promote” her Oleku remix….Also, Mercy is legendary and in her own lane, these two are not comparable….
    Please stop pretendng to know her with this half ass post….kenyans will always be last place and chart nowhere with so called “support” like this

  3. Michael says:

    I liked Vikki Secret better, it was edgy. Ai this tell me song is old, can someone update with her new material please? This chick is the total package go to her page

  4. clean up says:

    What is up with the hate write up here fools. If you don’t have nothing positive to say about this record/ Singer, STFU!. Somebody once told me kenyan’s hate regularly, but i didn’t believe until now i see ya’ll hating on your own people.

  5. Get Mziki says:

    @Naomi Mbui – I am still confused as to how we/I slept on this track or how I have down played Vikkis talents. Your comments seem out of place.

    Meanwhile sounds like you know more about Vikki and Mercy more than we do – why dont you tell us? LOL

    Haiii too much uchungu with you post which frankly in our opinion seems out of context but thats the nature of this blog some people tend to have really strong opinions.

  6. waithaka ent says:

    @Naomi Mbui sasa mimi nimefanya nini? I don’t do cute comments i do music.

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