DJ DULO – GASM VOL 7 (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Every once a year a DJ does something that completely impresses me. Truthfully this year there have been very few mixes that have impressed me (of course there is a mad mix I posted elsewhere that DJ Nyandat put together for all the old skool r&b lovers). It just didnt sit nice when I posted it here so i left it where it is ( However DJ DULO sends me his mixes every now and then, so the fact that I am posting this today shouldn’t necessarily be a shocker. However my rare rave review is a shocker so here goes:

I love African Music, I love love Urban African music meaning the Genge, Kapuka, Kwaito, Kuduro and all that new African sound with Western Infusions… I love it all. However there is something unique and untimely about some good ol’classic sounding Zouk or smooth Soukous music/Afropean Soul :-0/ When you listen to this mix, it’s one of those mixtapes you can give your dad or mom and be comfortable with the content and the feel good value. I wish I had a tracklist because there are some bangers on that mix that some DJs could use some schooling on. The set starts so relaxing with some more popular Zouk bangers and picks up pace by such a slight bpm that by the time he gets to the Bongo Flava and Naija music you almost don’t realize that the music tempo had changed.

DULO this mix is on fire and deserves every spin possible. Good stuff. To me its just the first time in a few years I’ve listened to a mix that wasn’t as predictable. Let me share the goodness here..

listen and download the mix here:


13 Responses to “DJ DULO – GASM VOL 7 (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. waithaka ent says:

    The 3rd joint Comme Je Crois En Toi by Kaysha was produced by my dude Snake.E who’s nice with zouk track productions

  2. Snake.E Dj says:

    What’s the 2nd music??? God, so beautiful…

  3. Get Mziki says:

    LOL @ Snake.E bigging himself up ha ha … thats track is on point good work.

  4. Snake.E Dj says:

    Hahaha, no man, I’m serious, the second joint is not mine, the 3rd one is :p… But I loved the second one, plz tell me the name :$

  5. Dj Dulo says:

    The second song is Comprends Moi by Kingsley

  6. karis says:

    how do I download nyandat’s mix?

  7. karis says:

    Thanks man, it works perfect :). Very nice rnb mix.

  8. Obarasa says:

    Thz is nice

  9. Mackenzie says:

    where’s the tracklist???? the first song got me hooked…

  10. kenyanised says:

    LEO!!! its official man….we need that tracklist. ambia bwana dulo umati wa getmziki unadai hiyo tracklist

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