P-Unit Feat Sauti Sol – Gentleman

In the current music industry, collabos are key to penetrating some markets and different fan bases. However some collabos seemed forced and it’s not too many collabos that breathe freshness. One of the collabos that I’ve been riding to that breathe’s freshness is “Gentleman” by P-unit Feat Sauti Sol. I can honestly say the pairing on this track works perfectly. P-Unit exhibits an impressively smooth and lyrical flow and delivery, which perfectly merges with the beat. Production on the track was done by producer extradionare Robert Kimanzi aka R Kay who has produced tons of hits for East African Artists.

The first time I heard the track, I knew that “Nipate baby kwenye bar, uliza shorty what u drinking” will be a common line that most guys will soon be using. With this track, P-Unit proves that they can shift gears from working solo to collabos but still maintain a feeling of ownership throughout any project.


Listen to the track below:

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UPDATED: For everyone asking for the 3 piece, here you go!!!

Click HERE to Download the Instrumental (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Click HERE to Download the Vocals (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


watch the video here:

16 Responses to “P-Unit Feat Sauti Sol – Gentleman”

  1. waithaka ent says:

    Now this is a classic joint can we get the 3piece pliz…

  2. briizy says:

    this is a serious tuuunee!!! am also for the 3piece pleeease!!!

  3. kenyanised says:

    i am in the minority. the beat is too generic for my taste, i am not feeling it at all. the flow band the beat are not quite in sync for me! The chorus is right on point. overall i think it is an average track

  4. waithaka ent says:

    The 3piece links is not working.

  5. binyungi says:

    kawaida nothing special… we need something new in terms of sound and concept creativity onge.lol good job though

  6. armstrong says:

    nothing special they need o get creative. their name is bigger than what they do. y again??

  7. Sir swaggs says:

    “cheki nimefunga zip
    wee niambie, si nani anakujanga na nani kwa nani
    na sikianga nampigia nini kwa nini
    leo wewe umedunganga mini bila nini
    usiulize ni nini, usiulize mi nini”……………. this rhyme ni noma sana uki consider the contrast a gentle man!!!!!!

  8. Luttah Athanas says:

    wow!!! gr8work..

  9. eve agesa says:

    When I heard this song on radio ,it just pulled me,by then I didnt know the artist.the following day by chance I was watching the beat on NTV n there the song was featured.i was so happy to know the artist n enjoy the song again!a thought crossed my mind that this was to be my ringtone .i knew I would get it via safaricom …bt wapi!i have been trying for a week.if I would have known that I could have gotten it via google then I would done that a long time ago.i was missing the song.anyway,p unit n sautisol ,i love the song saaana!come up with another even better than that.i totally love it!

  10. rozkit myrah says:


  11. tupac says:

    I like the song, kudoz vijana wa home.

  12. jnm says:

    Hooooooooooooot Tune!!!
    Has all the qualities to be a hit!!
    Bought the first P Unit album from Itunes…Hopefully the next album will be as great if not better!!
    Love from ATL!!

  13. Mluhya Mkrucial says:

    Punit hii iko juuu….

  14. Amos says:

    Hawa wasee wako juu tu sana, wakenya tuko somewhere,

  15. Rosh says:

    This is a cool track & sounds like one that can onpen the flow in a marriage gathering! Respect from Nigeria.

  16. maseno paul says:

    indeed our kenyan artists are taking our music to a high level.i heard the hit while i was in high school and in form three the yr 2012, the guys were stars and they are still leading.like that potential

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