Kayvo (Kforce) and Bizill – Dying Breed (GetMziki Exclusive ****)

Its obvious we have been busy for a few weeks now with the long holidays shit is bound to get out of hand for a few. But I am glad to be back on the grind and back with a BANGER like this one. KNEL sent me this track originally to watch the video and witness the quickness of these brothers. But Kforce whom I have been following for a while, tears up the Mic on this track.

This new Kenya I am loving, coz the new Kenya makes no normal lines between American hiphop, Kenyan hiphop or anything hiphop. Its such a blend of qualities and languages that honestly the average American would have a hard time trying to figure out if the artist is from here or from there. The sheng is legit, the English is legit – to top it off you give a guy a sick beat and what you have is just CLASSIC material. I love this track by all means. The video is hot, the gear and the attitude on the video is hot. The fact that they shot it in downtown Nairobi is also tight (I am tired of boody shaking videos with young 16yr olds hanging out in the background – that’s not hot). But this here… this here my friends is KENYAN hiphop and a good indication of where hiphop in East Africa is headed.



listen and download the track here:

Kayvo Kforce feat Bizill – Dying Breed (produced by Chambers) by getmziki

watch the video here:


KNEL decided the track was too “deadly” and jumped on it to drop the remix. See updates below:

Watch the teaser video:

get the exclusive remix here:

Kforce, Bizill & KNEL – Dying Breed (Remix) by getmziki

5 Responses to “Kayvo (Kforce) and Bizill – Dying Breed (GetMziki Exclusive ****)”

  1. K-Nel says:

    Leo, thanks family. Time to get back to that good music. Got exciting material off WASH THE BRAIN PROJECT which might end up being an LP since the Songs are coming Out Sweet. Kayvo & K-Nel, WASH THE BRAIN MIXTAPE COOKING!! Swango That.

  2. NYACHAE ERIC says:

    hakuna movement bila whaaaaaat?ill joint .thumbs up Nelson Muriuki KNEL n KAYVO KFORCE

  3. NYACHAE ERIC says:

    word,y lie niggaz, u killed it on this beat,by the way who produced it. ANGLO IS MA SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG

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