Q-Bloods – I’m a warrior ft Chibildo

This is a new group from Nakuru, mainly high school kids, their produce is a guy called mtu panya, also out of Nakuru. I met them a few months ago when sir prestige was visiting. Not much i can say except they got a bright future ahead of them. Track is okay, potential is greater. Q-bloods – I am a warrior by getmziki

Update: watch the video below

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  1. Sir Prestige says:

    Potential for sure…. That kid Chibilo on the third verse is gonna be a problem! Mark my words.

    Here is the video for the song. Check it out…

  2. Wagwan. Love this boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My full support Boys, Love you Love you Love you Big Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on Smasshing it!

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