YOme – Late Hours (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


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Shit the chile has flows for days, if Wesh is not involved with her writing all I can say is she will be official in a few years. I know some of y’all thought or think I was giving her undue props. But you have to be able to see the future when you listen to some artists. Some people have it, some just dont have it. This artists just has it. Music runs in the family here its inevitable.

The production is solid, the instrumentation in the track I like – this is the second release from the YOme camp and am loving it. African Hiphop really is blurring the lines between Africa and US. Personally I am glad its happening, its about time we started giving the US a run for their money. Now we only need one artists whose not an AKON or a KNAN. We need one artist who comes from the ground up from Africa and becomes a super star in the US and UK .. Like DRAKE did from Canada into the US. I don’t think folks like DBANJ and 2FACE will deliver on that promise. I think they are good artists but they don’t get hiphop – they get Africa. But when you have artist like YOme, KFORCE, CAMP Mulla and the likes then the border lines a slightly distorted and it creates opportunities for these cats to become really big.

YOme – AFRICA is watching you… big ups and GOOD LUCK.

listen and download the track here:

YOme – Late Hours by YOme

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  1. toureg says:

    This is better than the first track , quite good actually, I like the way it still sounded old school but with a fresh vibe. I can bump this while chilling.

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