DJ Sbu feat. Zahara – Lengoma (GetMziki Exclusive ***)

Am still on this South African music journey and lately its been getting stronger and stronger… Currently I am jamming to this DJ Sbu track featuring Zahara (one of SA biggest songstress). The two artists are South Africa’s most respected musicians who collectively put up this crazy collabo of a track adequently titled LENGOMA.

In Swahili Ngoma means music or drum – if a french jama was to say Ngoma he probably would say Le’Ngoma ha! I lie. But it does sound promising if the fusion of Swahili and French would sound something like LENGOMA then we are in safe hands. This track is classified under South African House, so you can pretty much file it under that as opposed to KWAITO. Check out the Black and White Video – it almost makes you think DJ Sbu was the one singing LOL..

listen to lengoma here:

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download the track here:

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watch the video here:

5 Responses to “DJ Sbu feat. Zahara – Lengoma (GetMziki Exclusive ***)”

  1. chris says:

    It’s funny people are just catching up to the powerhouse that South African house music is. Those artists are sooooo far ahead of us (Kenyan artists) in production quality and dedication to their fans; its a cult. I’m a converted SA house junkie since 2005 and I’m never seeing the inside of a rehab. NEVER! Woza!

  2. krisso says:

    Hey, please repost that download link, it doesnt work.Thanks for the great music

  3. getmziki says:


  4. Eva Osoro says:

    Nice one!!! Brought me back to my love for SA music. had almost lost myself in 9ja. Keep them coming …

  5. DJ Piddipat says:

    It’s so funny how Hugh Masekela is given top billing but is only seen fleetingly in a couple of scenes. I’m sure it’s out of respect to his thrilling listeners with his wonderful music for, what, FIVE decades! The song’s a total jam.

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